Hitman 3 Chongqing: Tier 2 Access Dongle Location



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Hitman 3 “End of an Era” mission shows the beauty of this game.

Hitman 3 Chongqing: Tier 2 Access Dongle Location

Even though End of an Era might be a mission that is quite different than other missions of the Hitman genre in terms of esthetics, the stealthy and action element is still there. Basically, you have two required objectives. One is to take down Hush, and the other is to eliminate the infamous Imogen Royce.

This mission will take you on a rollercoaster, but what you might need to infiltrate the security systems here is the Tier 2 access dongle. We have managed to find it, and we will show you exactly where to get it.

Tier 2 Access Dongle Location – Hitman 3 Chongqing

What this Tier 2 dongle provides is the ability for Olivia to hack RFID panels in the facility in Chongqing only with your camera. You might think it is hard to get it, but it was surprisingly easy.

The guards at the facility just let you in with only one security check for weapons. Nevertheless, you might need to access some locations to get the Tier 2 access dongle. Follow this guide to get to its location:

  1. First, go to Yuzhong Square.
  2. From there, find this alleyway, and go through it:
  3. From there, look on your left and you should see a couple of containers. The blue one has a door which you will need to go through.
  4. This leads to the hidden facility of the ICA Data Center. Do as the lady suggests, follow the grey line.
  5. Let the guards do a security check and go through the door.
  6. Continue following the grey line until you get to the scan room.
  7. When you go out of the scan room, hack the vent with your camera on the right, and then go through.
  8. Open the door, take a right, and get the Tier 2 access dongle from the table behind the TV screens!

After this point, you will have the required encryption key to hack Tier 2 RFID panels with your camera.

You don’t necessarily need to get this dongle in order to complete this mission, but it is a definite help to go through some of the more secured rooms at this location.

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