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From the start, Hitman 3 players could tell that this latest installment of the franchise is a great successor to Hitman 2. From everything, like quest difficulty, mystery plots, and the development side, the game look absolutely stunning. My point is that even when you’re a couple of missions in, you will be immersed quickly. One mission that is relatively difficult is the Death in the Family mission.

Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch | How to Open

As with any Hitman game, there are many ways that you can finish these missions, but some ways are way more effective than others.

How to Open the Mysterious Switch – Hitman 3: Death in the Family

If you use the mysterious switch to open a secret room in the palace of Alexa Carlisle, you will find some information about Zachary that you can use to frame him. You can convince madam Carlisle, that he in fact, committed suicide.

To open the mysterious switch is quite a hassle, since you will need to move around and acquire stuff you can use to do so. Without further ado, this is what you will need to do to open the mysterious switch in Death in the Family mission:

  1. While disguised as the private investigator, search for a crowbar in the yard of the mansion.
  2. Find a green supply van in the yard. The crowbar will be on top of the crates – Food Delivery Area.
  3. Go to the couple’s room on the second floor. It is one of the two locked rooms upstairs, next to the bathroom.
  4. Scan around for clues, and obtain the walking cane that is left of the fireplace.
  5. Navigate to the library, and immediately take a left from the door. You will see a prompt about a mysterious switch.
  6. Use the walking cane to open the secret door!

In this hidden room in the library, make sure to get every last bit of information about Zachary, as you can use it for the mission completion.

Once in this place, you will find a lot of things that will thicken the plot of the mission.

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