Hitman 3 Dubai: Where to Find Crowbar



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Here is where you can find a crowbar in Hitman 3, for the Dubai mission.

Hitman 3 Dubai: Where to Find Crowbar

Hitman 3 starts off strong, particularly with its opening mission, the Dubai mission. Its plot is set inside a Dubai skyscraper, and your objective is to take down two targets. The targets are Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant.

The main catch is that in this skyscraper, there is a private party, and your targets are roaming around in the party freely. There are many ways to go about completing your task, in the true Hitman nature.

Where to Find Crowbar – Hitman 3 Dubai

So, to help you on your journey, you might need a crowbar. Crowbar is a classic tool that can be used for many things, but probably, the most important one is opening locked doors easily.

There might be a couple of crowbars in this private skyscraper party, but we have managed to find only this one. It is quite secluded, and you have to travel quite a bit, just for a crowbar.

A plus is that you can also get other items here, and potentially something that could help you on your quest. You will have to navigate in this location quite a lot to get the crowbar, sort of like:

  1. Take a left from the main stage, and take the stairs, and go left. The arrows on the reference picture represent where you need to go.
  2. Once you get there, take the stairs on the right.
  3. Go through the hallway right of the Phillips sign.
  4. Follow the path until you see a door on your left. However, it is located in the second one, and not the first.
  5. Take out the first guard here and then wear his uniform.
  6. Next, take a right, and then right again using the stairs.
  7. Get the crowbar from on top of one of the storage boxes here.

Before you climb the stairs, there will be a hammer on the ground as well. If you need it for any reason, make sure to get it on your way back.

Scan around at this spot, and look for ways you can get closer to your goal.

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