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IO Interactive have made it easy for the hardcore Hitman players out there. Progress from Hitman 2 can be surprisingly, transferred to Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: How Progression Carryover Works

It is an interesting move that IO Interactive pulled before the launch of Hitman 3. They stated that for their long-time fans, they will release a feature which will enable players to transfer their whole progress from the predecessor to the successor.

This is great news, and as I suspect, many are baffled including myself. Nevertheless, it is a great gesture and a feature to have, and we will tell you everything we know about it.

How Progression Carryover Works – Hitman 3

Firstly, which platforms does the carryover support? Well, you can perform a carryover on PS, Xbox, and PC, but there is a catch. You can’t carryover progress from one platform to another. In other words, you can’t transfer your progress from Xbox to PS or vice versa.

As well as PC to console. I’m sure you get the point. To perform a carryover, the old progress must be from the same platform family as to your platform currently. So, PS4 to PS5 is possible, but Xbox Series X to PS5 is not.

What Progress Gets Transferred?

It’s surprising how much progress players are able to transfer to their new game from the Hitman trilogy. Here are all the things, progression-wise, that are included:

  • Profile
  • XP Rank
  • Location Mastery Levels & Location Mastery Unlocks
  • Challenge Unlocks & Challenge Progress
  • Elusive Target suits or unlocks.

Technically, there is some progress from Hitman 1 that will be carried over to Hitman 3. But that only includes specific locations from the first title that were available in Hitman 3.

Basically, to perform the carryover, players must do so through a browser, it cannot be performed otherwise. They must have an IOI account, and according to IOI, the site is being set-up at the time of writing and should become available at launch.

It is important to note that the progress that you’ve acquired before your carryover in Hitman 3, will be lost after it. Meaning if you played Hitman 3 before you decided to carryover your progress from Hitman 2, all of your data and progress will be wiped off.

That is why it is crucial to perform a carryover as fast as possible at launch!

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