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In Adopt Me, players are unaware of most pets’ values, since the game has new additions frequently, and some pets are increasing and some decreasing in value. So, you can easily see how some might not know exactly how much the Wild Boar is worth. On top of that, there is not exactly a blueprint that people can use to find out each pets’ value, so it makes trading overwhelming and challenging.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Wild Boar Worth

Not all is about strategic trading and getting the most value for your pet, but it is good to know how much your own pet is worth, or the one that you’re trying to get.

How Much is a Wild Boar Worth – Adopt Me

The Wild Boar was a limited-time pet that was available during the Safari update back in 2019. It was available for a couple of months, and players had a whopping 22.5% chance of hatching one.

So, despite what people might think, this pet was relatively easy to get back in the day. After all, this is an uncommon pet, hence why there was such a high hatch rate. However, things have changed since then, and the Wild Boar has drastically increased in value.

Today, the Wild Boar is worth at least one legendary pet in Adopt Me. While this is true, there is no getting around the fact that there are many who hatched this pet back in 2019, so there are a lot of them out there.

So, while it is worth a legendary, it is not worth a high-tier legendary. Instead, you can get a low to mid-tier legendary pet for the Wild Boar. On top of that, fly or ride, or both, Wild Boar pets are worth a legendary FR or R or F for that matter.

It does have an interesting Neon appearance which might be one of the reasons that this pet gets such a high value, and the demand is pretty big.

There is not much to go on whether this pet’s value will grow in the future, but based on many predictions, it might, by only a small amount. Some also think that its value limit is reached.

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