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With Hitman 3 on the horizon, many players are hyped to get their hands on this, what seems to be an exceptional game. The Hitman franchise has always been successful in its own niche, and there haven’t been many choices that offer the specific gameplay and story that IO Interactive’s game does. With so much interest in the game, is there any way you can exercise some Hitman 3 fan stuff before its launch?

Hitman 3: How to Get an Exclusive PS4 Theme

The developers have made it easy for us die-hard Hitman fans. You can get an exclusive Hitman 3 theme, if you’re a PS4 player, and it is relatively easy to do so.

How to Get an Exclusive PS4 Theme – Hitman 3

There have been many developers that have been known to do this. Themes and other appearance items aren’t anything new for upcoming or released games.

My guess is that you already know where this is going, and how you can get this PS4 exclusive theme. Since Hitman 3 hasn’t launched yet at the time of writing, there are some special goodies you can get if you pre-order it.

To get your PS4 exclusive Hitman 3 theme for your system, you must pre-order the game. To get it, go to the PS store, find Hitman 3, and pre-order the game.

Along with the theme, you will get a pack with some outfits and some items if you get the Standard Edition. If you get the Deluxe Edition though, you will receive the same stuff, but also a digital book, escalation contracts, deluxe suits and items, soundtracks, and a director’s commentary.

Either way, both Editions are worth it for pre-order, but the offer won’t stand once the game releases.

Another bummer is the fact that even when you pre-order the game, you don’t get the PS4 exclusive theme at once. Unfortunately, you will get this item once the game launches.

Many found this unfortunate, with myself included. I imagined that this would be a way to create even more hype for Hitman 3, before it even launched.

Chances are that it did to some extent, but it was not what many were expecting. There had been a lot of confusion about this, because players though that you get the theme immediately.

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