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Even though there are not many choices when it comes to Hitman 3 editions, still some players might struggle on which one to buy, and what each one provides.

Hitman 3: Which Edition Should You Buy

There are only two editions of the Hitman 3 game. Those are the Standard edition, which is the standalone game, and the Deluxe edition, which has some goodies included in the game.

Unfortunately, this year, IO Interactive decided that they won’t manufacture any physical copies of the game. Instead, you can only get the game in the digital version, which is unfortunate, because they’ve been known for making some interesting goodies for the deluxe or collectors editions.

Which Edition of Hitman 3 Should You Buy

As I said, because there are no physical copies of the game, the goodies and additions in other editions are limited to only in-game, or digital content.

The Standard edition is only the game. As for the Deluxe edition, there have been some custom suits and items, digital soundtracks, director’s commentary mission introduction, a digital book, and deluxe escalations.

However, if you pre-order the Standard, as well as the Deluxe, you will get a Trinity Pack, that includes a bonus of a few suits and items.

So, which edition should you buy? Well, if you’ve been a die-hard Hitman fan for quite a while, I would recommend the Deluxe edition. There are many interesting items in it, and while not many know what would be included in the digital book, chances are that there will be a lot of insight into the story.

As for those that are new to the Hitman franchise, and haven’t played its predecessors, my personal recommendation is the Standard edition.

Final Conclusion

Most of the veteran Hitman players have been playing it for a while, and truthfully, most of them are collectors, or have bought other editions of the first and second installment.

Nonetheless, since there are a lot of interesting stuff in the Deluxe edition, it might be a good choice to go for that even if you’re a new player. Considering the difference in price though, even though they’ve probably worked hard on the book and some other items, I still think it’s now worth it.

It would’ve been a much different case if there was a physical version with some collectible items in an edition.

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