Hitman 3: No Eligible Hitman 2 Accounts Found



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IO Interactive carryover systems crash after launch.

Hitman 3: No Eligible Hitman 2 Accounts Found

Hitman’s 3 developers, IOI, have introduced an interesting feature for their newest installment in the franchise. They made it possible for veteran Hitman series players to transfer their Hitman 2 progress to the newest title, the Hitman 3.

Not much gets transferred, only the content that overlaps between the two games, but most importantly, the player’s profile, rank, achievements, and more. On top of that, there is some content from Hitman 1 that is present in the successor, and that is transferred as well.

No Eligible Hitman 2 Accounts Found

Even though this feature is one of the best moves as far as care for players’ progress is concerned, not many have actually used it, yet.

All of the IOI carryover systems and servers wend down immediately after launch. So, not a lot of players have managed to transfer all of their precious progress to the new game.

What makes things more frustrating is the fact when a carryover is complete, all of the played content and progress on Hitman 3 gets wiped, and you start from scratch. So, high-level Hitman 2 players have no other option but to sit and wait, and refrain from playing the newest title from the trilogy.

Is There a Fix?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is absolutely nothing that players can do to potentially “fix” or manage to carryover all of their old Hitman progress.

The issue is purely from IO Interactive’s side, and they have came out and stated that they’re working on fixing the issue.

What you can do in the meantime is queue up for the progress carryover. Even though that the carryover is unlikely to happen quickly, IO Interactive has started queuing players for this feature.

If you keep getting the “No Eligible Hitman 2 Accounts Found” keep trying. Follow the steps on the site, and once you reach the Status page, you’re in the queue for the progression carryover. Once the status says “Finished”, you’re set.

Reason for Server Failure

The reason for this inevitable delay is the fact that, the carryover progress page was launched along with the game. IOI didn’t account for how many players would try to transfer their progress before actually launching the game.

Additionally, this was being worked on even days before the launch of the game on January 20th. So, possible misshaps might be present.

Nonetheless, IO Interactive remains transparent on the issue, and we should get regular updates on the issue. Many speculate that it is close to being fixed.

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