Hitman 3 Dartmoor: How to Get the Photographer Disguise



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Here is how you can get the photographer disguise, and blend in in Dartmoor.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor: How to Get the Photographer Disguise

Disguising yourself is one of the most important things that you will need to do in Hitman 3. This way, you avoid a lot of the heat that you will inevitably get if you walk around as the infamous assassin Agent 47. There are many disguises you can use in Dartmoor, but the best ones are as a private investigator, and a photographer.

Truthfully, you will get more done as a PI, but in order to blend in until you get that disguise, you can use a photographer one.

How to Get the Photographer Disguise – Hitman 3 Dartmoor

Interestingly, the photographer outfit can be found outside of Alexa’s mansion. This just goes to show how much freedom one has in Hitman 3. Nevertheless, to get the photographer disguise, follow these steps:

  1. Get inside the mansion property.
  2. Navigate to the backside of the mansion, but more specifically the garden.
  3. Be careful of butlers and regular workers here. At the middle octagon, find the radio that is set on the storage boxes.
  4. Turn the radio on to full blast. You will see that the photographer will get distracted.
  5. Hide behind the bushes, and wait for the photographer to come to the radio. When he does, take him down and get the photographer disguise!

For the NPC workers that are in the garden behind the mansion, I would recommend that you take them down if they’re in your way, as they can move around quite a bit and potentially see you.

Like I said, while the photographer outfit is pretty good to blend it, you’re definitely better off getting the private investigator disguise as well.

This will grant you a lot more freedom as you can roam around in the house, and no one will bother you. Nevertheless, you can come up with creative ways to finish the mission with the photographer outfit also.

It’s important to note that if they found the photographer’s body, then your cover will be blown. To prevent that, hide his body inside one crate that is close to the radio.

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