Hitman 3 on PSVR Won't Use Move Controllers and Agent 47 Can't Dual Wield His Iconic Pistols


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Hitman 3 for PSVR is set for release early next year, and ahead of its release, the developers at IO Interactive have held an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, answering the questions of fans of the series.
The AMA has provided fans with answers, and that’s what we’ve got here.
The big thing that will no doubt come as a bit of a disappointment to PSVR players is that the game won’t have support for the PS Move wand controllers. Instead, the game uses a blend of DualShock 4 button inputs and control sticks for movement, with motion functions coming from the light-based tracking of the controller. This means you’ll move Agent 47 around as you do in the regular game, but shooting is done with the player aiming the controller by moving it in real life. Think playing Firewall Zero Hour with a DualShock 4 and you’ll have a sense as to how it controls.

Hitman 3 on PSVR Won't Use Move Controllers and Agent 47 Can't Dual Wield His Iconic Pistols
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However, the question does remain: how will this work on PS5 with the DualSense controller? From the images that have been released, it doesn’t look like there’s a great big light bar on the controller. It could be that the PS4 controller may be used for certain games on PS5 in order to keep support for PS4 PSVR games, or it could be that Sony has a new way of making the DualSense controller and the current headset work together in tandem with either the current PS4 camera or even the PS5’s HD camera.
What’s interesting is the language used by the developer in one answer to a fan’s question about controls. The developer said, “the current version of the game is not using move controllers it’s using the dual-shock.”
This could be taken to mean that there could be a future version of the game, though that could just be a PC version where traditional controllers are seldom used for such games.
What’s also slightly disappointing, but not yet confirmed, is the lack of PSVR Aim support. Despite being asked by several fans during the AMA if PSVR Aim controller support would be included, the developer never answered those questions. It’s possible that IOI is saving that announcement for a later date, or that the development team didn’t want to have too many instances of saying “no.”

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And, just like in the more recent games, Agent 47 won’t be able to dual wield his iconic pistols. It’s a shame as that’s what made earlier Hitman games so cool, and I know that as a fan of the older games myself, I’d have loved the opportunity to run around in VR with those sexy pistols. Alas, it’s not to be, but never say never. It’s possible that post-launch updates could change this, or following games with PSVR support could include it, but as it stands Hitman 3 won’t have dual-wielding pistols.

There is some good news, aside from the fact we’ll be able to play as Agent 47 in VR. The developers have confirmed that collision detection is working in the game, so if your hands are touching a wall, a table, a person, your hands will stop on contact. This is something many VR games still manage to get wrong, so fair play to IOI for taking the time and effort to make the VR interpretation of Hitman 3 a bit more haptic and immersive with this seemingly small feature.

Hand-to-hand combat is an exciting opportunity for Hitman 3 on PSVR. Thankfully, the developers seem to have found a way to make it fun while using the DualShock 4. While some movements and actions are locked to the controller and its buttons/sticks, like crouching and reloading, physical combat is just that: physical.
Players will be able to punch, slap, and use melee weapons by moving their controller in the real world, mimicking the actions needed. How well this works is something we’ll find out in the future after going hands-on, but if it’s done well, it could be a decent compromise.
And, if you’re feeling mischievous, the developer has confirmed that you can tap somebody on their left should and then sneak around them on their right. Handy for slipping something into somebody’s drink, or just annoying random NPCs for a laugh.
There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Hitman 3 on PSVR, and it’s fully expected that as we get closer to the game’s launch the developer will share more information, features, and more.
Hitman 3 will release on January 20th, 2020 for PS4 and PS5, as well as other platforms.
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