Hitman 3: Question Suspects & Search Locations of Interest



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Find out what you need to do to establish motive, means, and opportunity.

Hitman 3: Question Suspects & Search Locations of Interest

Completing the Death in the Family mission is just a showcase of how beautifully made Hitman 3 is. The mission is full of rich story, unexpected plot twists, and full of mysteries to unravel. Because of that, it might be difficult to keep up with the mission’s story, and you can easily get overwhelmed.

Especially, when the quest takes you on a journey to establish means, motive and opportunity, by questioning suspects and searching locations of interest.

Question Suspects & Search Locations of Interest – Hitman 3

Spoiler Alert: This guide will be full of spoilers as well as how to complete the mission, so if you don’t want to compromise your firsthand experience with this mission, then look away now.

There are many ways you can complete this mission. The game is designed to make you experience the investigative playstyle as much as possible. And when it asks you to interview suspects and search locations of interest, it is sort of a misleading objective.

Yes, you will find a lot of clues and valuable information by doing this, but what you need to do is completely different. You can either roam around to question suspects, and there will be prompts saying which NPCs are.

To finish the mission though, what you will need to do is enter the couple’s room that is on the second floor. It should be one of the locked doors next to the bathroom. To get in it, find a crowbar in the yard next to a green van, or go through the balcony, using the pipes to get to it.

Inside, look for a walking cane that is situated next to the fireplace (right-side). Get this item and make your way into the library.

When you enter, look left, and the game should prompt you that there is a mysterious switch. Use the cane to open that hidden door.

Go inside, scan the area and get as much intel as possible. With this intel, you can tell the butler to setup a meeting with Alexa. When you frame Zachary, she will reward you with the Case Files.

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