Hogwarts Legacy Boycotters have Resorted to Spoiling the Game Online



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If you can’t beat ‘em, spoil ‘em, I guess.

Hogwarts Legacy Boycotters have Resorted to Spoiling the Game Online

Despite the call to boycott the release of Hogwarts Legacy in protest to J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans stances, Hogwarts Legacy is still one of the most anticipated releases of the year. With a lot of gamers unphased by the boycott movement, the protesters have found a way to get under their skin.

As it turns out, spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy are now being spread online en masse. I’m not really going to share any spoilers on the article here, but a lot of the fans of the game are complaining that the ‘activists’ have resorted to something as low as spoiling one of the most-anticipated games of the year for them.

Personally, I just think it’s hilarious that the boycotters just found another way to ruin the game for some people. It feels like this generation’s take on the ‘Snape kills Dumbledore’ meme.

As for the whole issue with Rowling, I don’t have the most solid stance on it. I just think that boycotting the game—which the developers have been clear that Rowling had no contribution to the development—is more hurtful to the developers than it is to Rowling.

Become the student you have always wanted to be as you experience life at Hogwarts and embark on a journey through the wizarding world. Discover magical beasts, craft potions, and master spell casting as you uncover the mystery of Ancient Magic.

Hogwarts Legacy launches for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S on Feb. 10. The game launches for Xbox One and PS4 on April 4, and Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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