Hogwarts Legacy: How Accurate was the Prefect’s Bathroom Compared to the Books?


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Avalanche Software had brought to life a stunning representation of Hogwarts Castle, and while it doesn’t really follow the films, the developers have said that they were aiming for a melding of the books and the movies with their game.

Hogwarts Legacy: How Accurate was the Prefect’s Bathroom Compared to the Books?

One hidden location is the prefect’s bathroom, and we have a video showcasing just how accurate the location is to the books. Check this out:

For context, the prefect’s bathroom was a location introduced in The Goblet of Fire where Harry is given a clue by Cedric Diggory to take his golden egg ‘for a swim’. There he meets Moaning Myrtle and discovers that the next task in the Triwizard Tournament will have something to do with mermaids.

Here’s the scene in the movie:

Though the bathroom in the film seemed to look like any other bathroom in the castle, the one in the game really did resemble the one in the books, swimming pool and all. I guess they got a bit more creative when it came to the different nozzles in the pool, but the detail of the mermaid is surprisingly essential the room, and they managed to keep it.

For now, fans are just having fun looking for all kinds of Easter Eggs in the castle. You can even find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. I mean, you can’t enter it, but you can spot the Slytherin snake on one of the faucets.

I’m just here wondering when the Quidditch DLC will be announced.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.  

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