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Learn how to get golden walnuts fast in Stardew Valley!

How to Get Golden Walnuts Fast in Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley 1.5 update came to the mobile port earlier this year. Mobile users can now finally set foot on Ginger Island, an isolated land far from the civilized Pelican Town.

Acquiring Golden Walnuts while meeting the island’s inhabitants is how you will get introduced to the features of this secluded paradise.

Golden Walnuts are Ginger Island’s currency and the local parrot’s favorite snack. These crafty, intelligent birds can build houses and unlock hidden areas if you give them walnuts.

A total of 130 Golden Walnuts can be found throughout the island, all of which can be obtained in various ways.

How to Get All 130 Golden Walnuts Fast in Stardew Valley

GW Island

Whether you are new to the 1.5 update content and want to access all of the island’s features immediately or a veteran player who would like to give speedrunning a try, learning the most efficient ways to gather all the Golden Walnuts is just what you need!

For those who want to discover the different ways to collect Golden Walnuts by themselves, note that there will be spoilers in this guide.

Before Going to Ginger Island…

GW Prep

First, you must finish many tasks to unlock this endgame content. If you have not reached this part of the game, you can read our guide here that explains how to get to Ginger Island.

Where you’re going is a sequestered island miles away from home, so make sure to come fully prepared with essential tools and items for your Golden Walnut hunt. 

You must bring your Iridium Watering Can, Iridium Hoe, Iridium Axe, and Iridium Pickaxe. Your tools can be something other than Iridium quality, but we recommend you upgrade them early if you plan on speedrunning Stardew Valley.

The lakes, rivers, and ponds of Ginger Island hide a couple of Golden Walnuts, which you can collect by panning and thus, you will also need your Copper Pan on this trip.

Monsters found on the island also drop walnuts. Some are stronger than the ones in the Mines and the Skull Cavern, so you will need your Weapons and Ring Accessories to help defeat these baddies.

The Burglar’s Ring, Napalm Ring, Slime Charmer Ring, and Iridium Band are some of the best rings you can equip on this expedition.

You have a higher chance of surviving a dungeon full of monsters with consumables that will restore your energy and health. Food items like Lucky Lunch, Spicy Eel, or Pumpkin Soup will bring you luck. Considering you are speedrunning this part of the game, you need plenty of Coffee or Triple Shot Espresso.

On the island, you will encounter several brain-teasing puzzles that you must solve to collect all 130 Golden Walnuts. You may bring the following items that are crucial in solving the puzzles and riddles on Ginger Island:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Rain Totem
  • Flute Blocks
  • Garlic Seeds
  • Melon Seeds
  • Wheat Seeds
  • Fast-growing crop seeds such as Parsnip seeds or Bok Choy seeds
  • Speed-Gros
  • Sprinklers

Day 1

Willy the Fisherman will drop you off on Ginger Island’s southern beach shore. You will see two sleeping giant-sized turtles blocking the road to the north and east side of the island. The east side of the beach is the only accessible entrance. Therefore, this is where you must head first.

Ginger Island East

Getting your first Golden Walnut

GW 1

The rainforest found east of the island is where you will obtain your first Golden Walnut. Interact with the bush in the middle of the forest to obtain the parrot snack.

Unlocking Island North

GW Give

You may notice a boy jumping and fleeing away after seeing you pass by. From the walnut bush, head to the north to visit the boy in his hut.

The boy, who calls himself Leo, will be found beside his pet Parrot inside his hut. Walk up to the parrot and give it your first Golden Walnut. Leo will start acknowledging you after that, and the north area of the island will be unlocked.

Whacking the Tree

GW 2

A tree with a noticeable lump is seen next to Leo’s parrot. Hit the tree using your axe to obtain the walnut.

Cutting Weeds to find Golden Walnuts

GW Weeds

There are weeds around the rainforest you can cut using a scythe or a sword. They may give you valuable items like a mummified frog, which you’ll need for a quest later.

The Hidden Shrine

GW GemBird

Deep in the forest, past the hidden path on the right side of the map, is where you’ll find the Hidden Shrine.

You can get a Golden Walnut from a bush in the southern part of this area. Aside from that, you’ll find the Hidden Shrine or the Bird Gem puzzle, which you must solve to acquire walnuts. You can read our guide here to learn about the puzzle.

You may put the Amethyst, Aquamarine, Ruby, Topaz, and Emerald you brought on the pedestals. Getting the prize immediately is possible if you can guess where the gems should be placed.

However, there are five gems you can use, and only four should be placed on top of each pedestal. Remember that the answer to the Hidden Shrine puzzle is not the same for every playthrough.

It is easier to determine the correct placement of gems when it’s pouring, as the four exotic birds representing the gems will only appear on rainy days.

If you fail to guess the correct gem combination for this puzzle, you can return to this area on a rainy day. To ensure it pours the day after, use a Rain Totem.

The Banana Shrine

GW Banana

Another shrine can be seen outside Leo’s home. When approaching the shrine, you only get a question mark bubble, signifying a “confused” reaction.

If you look closely, there are banana engravings on the shrine, indicating you will need to put a banana on top of it as an offering.

Banana Trees can produce Bananas, but their saplings are an uncommon item. The Island Trader will trade five Dragon Teeth for one Banana Sapling. Although rare, some Golden Coconuts can also carry a banana.

You can come back here later after you’ve acquired one piece of banana.

Exiting the Forest

GW UnlockWest

Outside the rainforest, a parrot sits on a perch near the sleeping turtle that blocks the west path. The parrot will ask for 10 Golden Walnuts to help you wake the turtle.

Right now, you probably only have around two Golden Walnuts. You can go back to this spot after you have gathered 10.

Ginger Island North

On your way to the north, you will see a fireball hovering around and leading you up to the Volcano Dungeon. But there are a few areas you can go to before continuing ahead.

Finding Dig Spots

GW 4

Some dig spots are marked by pebbles forming a circle on the ground. For instance, one Golden Walnut can be found near a curved palm tree on a cliff.


A path concealed by leaves is found near the curved tree. Walk through it, and you will find a Golden Walnut bush.

GW 6

Another Golden Walnut can be extracted from the ground between the palm tree and oak tree in the middle of the road.

GW 7

Next to this group of trees, another Golden Walnut can be found near a lone palm tree.

Walnut on a Ledge


A golden walnut bush can be seen on a cliff in the southern part of the island.


The passageway that takes you to this place is hidden and not in plain sight. Walking through a large tree near the north entrance, you can only access the cliff.

Go back to Island North and dig up a walnut from the ground beside the two palm trees at the center of the road.

Near the Volcano Entrance

One of the palm trees across the volcano is in front of a Golden Walnut bush. Go behind the palm tree to uncover where the walnut is.

Near the mouth of the volcano, a Golden Walnut is buried in the middle of premature palm trees.

A Golden Walnut bush and a small wooden hut are visible at the top of the mountain. You can acquire it by hitting it with a slingshot.

On the left side of the volcano, there is another tile where you can get a Golden Walnut. 

Next to that dig spot is an entryway concealed by many leaves. 

You will find a Golden Walnut bush at the end of the path. But you must locate another bush before you can get to that walnut.

Secret Path in the Volcano Dungeon

The Ginger Island Volcano is a monster-infested dungeon you can explore for various resources and treasures, much like the dungeons in Pelican Town.

If you have a Watering Can, you can visit a secret area where you will find walnut bushes. Poor water on the smoldering lava lake to make floor paths. There is a path to the left until you enter the area where two Golden Walnut bushes are located.

Unlocking Island West

Now that you have more than 10 Golden Walnuts, you can unlock the western section of Ginger Island.

Ginger Island West

After unlocking the Ginger Island farm, you will get access to a tillable land full of debris. Another parrot can be found next to the farmhouse.

Unfortunately, you are required to donate 20 pieces of walnuts to rest up and save the game on the island.

The good thing is the western section of Ginger Island is full of Golden Walnuts, and we will go over how you can obtain them individually.

Planting Crops for the Gourmand Frog Quest

GW xyplantcrops1 1

Inside a cave nearby, you will meet a talking Gourmand Frog inside the cave by the farm. However, you can access it once you unlock the farmhouse.

The frog will request to see Melon, Garlic, and Wheat crops growing on the farm. For each crop he sees, you get five Golden Walnuts.

Therefore, you can earn 15 Golden Walnuts for fulfilling the frog’s wish.

Garlic and wheat crops may only take four days to grow, but since the Frog initially requests Melon, you must wait 12 days before fulfilling this task.

The Ginger Island farm can grow all kinds of plants and trees regardless of the season, so it is possible to produce these three crops simultaneously. 

You can plant these seeds on your first day at Ginger Island and apply some Deluxe Speed-Gros on the tilled soil to shorten crop production time.

Breaking Mussels at the Beach

The southeast section of the island farm has some Mussel Nodes you can destroy using a pickaxe. These nodes drop around three Mussels, but some may contain Golden Walnuts.

There are a total of five Walnuts you can get from Mussel Nodes.

Buried Under the Sand

One Golden Walnut can also be dug out of the sandy ground near a bunch of wood. The parrot snack is at the center of three tiny blue starfish.

Inside the Wrecked Ship

A broken ship found on the seashore contains a Golden Walnut bush. Walk inside the ship to obtain it.


Head to the west of the farm, and you will arrive at the tide pools. You may notice a couple of holes near the beach shore. These are like whack-a-mole holes where a green mole pops in and out.

With your upgraded watering can, you will get three Golden Walnuts from spraying water on the mole.

Another method for catching it is to place an object like a floor path on the three other holes and whack the mole using your axe or pickaxe.

Digging at the Tide Pools

A couple of Golden Walnuts can be dug up on the southwest side of the farm. One can be found in the middle of two tidepools. It can easily be spotted as the tile is marked with an X.

The other Golden Walnuts are tricky to find. There is one under the large boulder at the center of four starfish. Break the boulder first to get the walnut.

The last one found at the tide pools is buried near the shore. Find the four dents patterned like a diamond on the ground and use your hoe to dig up the center.

Meeting Birdie

On the western side of the map, you’ll meet a woman who goes by the name Birdie. She’s an NPC who’ll ask for your favor to seek a souvenir from her late husband.

After talking to her, you will get a War Memento that you can give to one of the villagers in Pelican Town. You can check out this guide here to learn more about this quest.

You may work on this quest once you get back to Pelican Town. You can continue roaming around the island to collect more Golden Walnuts.

Also, if you head right from Birdie’s hut, you will find a small pond. A bush with a Golden Walnut can be seen hiding behind a palm tree by the pond.

Getting Walnuts near the Walnut Room

Continue to walk north until you see a Golden Walnut bush near a cave with a door. Beneath the door, you will find Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room. You can only enter the door after you have collected 100 Walnuts.

Go to the left side of the room until you get to a narrow passageway alongside the ocean shore. Head north, and at the end of the path, you will spot one Golden Walnut bush.

Killing All Tiger Slimes

Tiger Slime Grove is located east of Qi’s Walnut Room. It can easily be spotted because of all the orange and black-striped Slimes around the area. Defeating all the Tiger Slimes there will give you one Golden Walnut.

Walnuts at the Tiger Slime Grove

In addition to getting a walnut from clearing up slimes, you can find two more golden parrot treats in the grove.

One Golden Walnut bush can be spotted behind a mahogany tree and between two shrubs.

You can dig up a Golden Walnut behind another mahogany tree and at the center of four pieces of flowery grass.

The Golden Walnut near the Lake

Walk to the left after getting the walnuts at the grove. You will come across some boulders you can smash with your pickaxe. Go along the narrow pathway near the lake until you reach a Golden Walnut bush.

Near the Farm’s Parrot Express Hut

Go back to the rundown farmhouse and go up the stairs next to it. You will get to an area where a small hut is located.

On the left side of this area, you will find white flowers on the ground. Dig the center of these flowers to obtain a Golden Walnut.

Walnut in a Hidden Path

After getting the previously mentioned walnut, walk to the right to enter a hidden path. You will have to wriggle through this path to get to the end of it and acquire a Golden Walnut.

Players equipped with an Iridium Band or Glow Ring can go here at night to see themselves light up behind the thicket of trees.

Across the Parrot Express

Go south from the small hut. You will stumble across a tight passageway concealed by a curved palm tree. Continue walking down and turn left to find a Golden Walnut bush.

Over the Bridge

You can cross the bridge near the hut to see a Golden Walnut hiding amongst many leaves.

Unlocking the Ginger Island Farm

You may have already accumulated more than 20 Golden Walnuts from exploring the western part of the island, so unlocking the farmhouse should be your next task.

If you decide to sleep on the Island Farm, use a Rain Totem to make it rain the following day. By doing that, you can finish the Hidden Shrine quest.

Day 2

Your next goal is to repair the bridge in the north. Fixing this bridge will unlock the Dig Site, where you will meet an important NPC. But you will need 10 Golden Walnuts to make this happen.

To get 10 Golden Walnuts, try to complete some of the puzzles you have encountered on the island.

Planting More Crops

Before exploring, plant all your fast-growing crops on your island farm.

Harvesting crops on the Island Farm will give you Golden Walnuts, so you must plant seeds that take a few days to mature, like Parsnip or Bok Choy. Wheat seeds take only four days to grow fully, but you can not acquire Golden Walnuts from harvesting crops if you use a Scythe.

Plant plenty of crop seeds and wait a few days for them to grow. Do not forget to apply Speed-Gros in these crops to shorten the waiting time. There are about five Walnuts you can obtain from harvesting crops.

Ginger Island East

Solving the Hidden Shrine Puzzle

Since you’ve probably used your rain totem the previous day, you can start hunting for the island bird that carries a gem to complete the Hidden Shrine quest.

If you can acquire the gem and correctly guess where the other ones should be placed in the shrine, you can earn five Golden Walnuts.

Ginger Island West

Completing the Simon Says puzzle

Go to where the Parrot Express is in the north. Walk across the bridge and head north towards the hidden cave. Inside the cave, you will see crystals in different colors. You will need to complete a puzzle here to earn Golden Walnuts.

The puzzle is like the memory game Simon Says, where crystals will make a sound and glow, and you will have to memorize and mimic the sequence for each round. Five Golden Walnuts can be earned after getting past five rounds.

You may mend the broken bridge in the north, provided you have saved enough Golden Walnuts.

Ginger Island North

Unlocking the Dig Site

At the Dig Site, you can smash all the stones and dig up all the artifact spots you will find there. You can also blow them all up using your bombs.

You must clear up all stones in the area to have a greater chance of getting Journal Scraps. 

But most importantly, you will need to come to the aid of someone who is stuck inside a cave within the area.

Rescuing Professor Snail

The person who is trapped inside the cave is called Professor Snail. You can free him by placing a bomb near the large boulder blocking the cave’s entrance.

After rescuing him, he will invite you to his tent, a short distance from the dig site. He will ask for your help to collect animal skeletons for his studies. Each time you donate a collection of fossils, you’ll get one Golden Walnut.

For a more detailed explanation of what this quest will entail, you may read our guide here.

Later, you will be asked by Professor Snail to take an island survey. Giving him the correct answers will earn you Golden Walnuts. First, he will ask how many Purple Flowers you can find on the island.

You must select the answer 22. Next, the professor will ask about the number of Purple Starfish you can spot on Ginger Island. You must choose the number 18.

One Golden Walnut will be rewarded to you per correct answer.

A Dig Spot at the Dig Site

GW xy35 1

You can return to the Dig Site to acquire more walnuts in secret spots. Walk up the stairs next to the cave where you rescued Professor Snail.

You will find a group of stones arranged in a circular pattern. Hit the middle of the circle using your hoe to acquire a walnut.

Near the Bridge

Cross the bridge above the Dig Site’s bridge and walk to the left until you get to a bush with a Golden Walnut.

Another Hidden Path

On the bridge’s right side, a path is hidden from view because of a cliff. Walk to the east until you reach another wooden bridge.

Across the bridge, you will find two Golden Walnut bushes.

Fishing for Walnuts

If you can squeeze in time for one more activity for the day, you can fish in any water on Ginger Island to get more Golden Walnuts. There are five Walnuts you can fish all in all. 

Fishing also allows you to get essential quest items like Journal Scraps. These scraps of paper display images that reveal where some Golden Walnuts are buried at Ginger Island.

You may also use your Copper Pan to scoop up fossils from sparkling spots in the river.

Shake Coconut Trees & Dig up Artifact Spots

On your way back to the farmhouse, you can shake all the palm trees you come across, as there is a chance they may drop Golden Coconuts. Keep an eye out for Artifact Spots, too. On lucky days, you may unearth Golden Coconuts from these spots.

Your first Golden Coconut will always yield one Golden Walnut. Clint can crack Golden Coconuts in his Blacksmith shop, so you can only acquire the item when you return to Pelican Town.

Ginger Island West

While on the subject of breaking rocks, you can head back to Mussel Beach before going to bed to break open some Mussel Nodes. You may do this regularly, as these nodes spawn on the beach daily.

Day 3 

On your third day at Ginger Island, you can return to Pelican Town to talk to some NPCs to complete the Pirate’s Wife quest. You can also return home to get Clint’s help opening Golden Coconuts.

Pelican Town

Completing the Pirate’s Wife Quest

This quest requires you to trade items with the villagers in Stardew Valley until you eventually get the Pirate’s memento.

Kent is one of the villagers you must interact with to complete the quest. He served in the army before returning to Pelican Town in Year 2.

Unfortunately, if you are a speedrunner who managed to restore the Community Center and unlock Ginger Island in your first year, it still would not be possible to acquire all 130 Golden Walnuts in Year 1 without meeting Kent.

Cracking Open Coconuts

Before heading back to Ginger Island, do not forget to visit Clint at the Blacksmith shop.

If you are fortunate enough to have gathered more than 1 Golden Coconut, you may also get a Banana Sapling from them. Grow it on your farm to get bananas, which you will need to finish the Banana Shrine puzzle.

Note that Willy’s Fish Shop is open until 5:00 PM. You must enter the shop before it closes to return to Ginger Island on the same day.

Ginger Island West

If it is not raining, you will find Birdie on her usual fishing spot on the west side of Ginger Island. Give her the pirate’s locket to acquire five Golden Walnuts from her.

Ginger Island North

Exploring the Volcano

Since you probably have never explored the Volcano in this playthrough, now is the perfect time to venture into the dungeon. Countless rare loots can be found inside the Volcano, including golden walnuts!

There are 17 Golden Walnuts you can obtain inside the Volcano Dungeon. They could be found by destroying blocks, killing monsters, or opening chests.

The dungeon has ten levels, so you can likely reach the top of the Volcano Dungeon in your first run. It is highly likely to acquire at least 10 Walnuts, but that still depends on how lucky your day is.

So make sure to eat food that can increase your luck.

At the Volcano Forge

When you arrive at the top of the Volcano Dungeon, you’ll discover a Forge surrounded by a magma lake. On the side of the room’s entrance, you will spot a bush with a Golden Walnut.

Before resting, you may summon the rainy weather using your rain totem because you will need it for another quest.

Day 4

Assuming you can collect 20 walnuts on Day 4, you can turn one of the island’s beaches into a resort and gain access to the southeast part of Ginger Island.

Ginger Island South

Unlocking the Beach Resort

Head to Island South and look for broken wood scattered about on an empty beach.

You can turn this barren area into a lively tourist spot destination. After giving away 20 Golden Walnuts to parrots, they will build you a Beach Resort. Villagers will start visiting the island on some days, and you will get new NPC portraits, sprites, and dialogues. Moreover, building the resort will unlock the southeastern part of the beach.

Solving the Mermaid’s Musical Puzzle

Walk to Island Southeast with five Flute Blocks in your inventory. A mermaid will be seen on a rock far from the shore. Note that she only shows up here on rainy days. It’s hinted in Journal Scrap # 9 that you’ll need to play a song for the mermaid to obtain Golden Walnuts from her.

To solve the puzzle, head to the shore and look for the stone with a musical note engraving. Next to the stone, you will see five more stones placed adjacent to each other.

Place the flute blocks next to the stones. For those unaware, flute blocks play music when you walk beside them. You can set a flute block’s musical note by clicking the action button when you are beside it.

The stones on the ground are your clues in solving the puzzle. If you interpret the rocks as numbers, one big rock is equivalent to five, and one pebble is equal to one.

The first tile has two pebbles, so you must click the flute block two times. The second has two large rocks and one pebble, meaning you must click the second block 11 times.

If you follow this pattern, the third should be clicked nine times, the fourth should be five, and the fifth should be seven.

Therefore, you must set 2, 11, 9, 5, and 7 notes for your flute blocks.

Walk beside these musical tiles to play the song mermaids love. You will earn five Golden Walnuts from solving this puzzle.

Finding Walnuts on Island Northeast

You can fish in the tide pool shaped like a star to get one Golden Walnut.

You can unearth a Golden Walnut near the star-shaped tide pool at the center of four yellow starfish.

The Pirate Cove

To the east of this area is a spacious cavern where pirates usually hang out. The Pirate Cove entrance is next to a wooden floorboard near the curved tree on a cliff.

The cave will be empty if you head inside. Pirates only come here on even-numbered and non-rainy days at 8:00 PM.

You may return to the cave at night when it is not pouring. There is a mini-game you must play here to get Golden Walnuts.

However, there is one Golden Walnut you can get here, even without pirates.

The hidden walnut is found in the bottom right spot of the Pirate Cove. Sandwiched between three barrels is where you can dig it up.

You can spend the rest of the day looking for more Journal Scraps or animal fossils to donate to Professor Snail. Remember that the reward you will get for completing the Large Animal Collection is a Banana Sapling. 

If you acquire the sapling, you can plant it immediately on the island and wait 28 days for it to grow and sprout Bananas.

Day 5

Day 5 is when you can unlock the Parrot Express, a transportation system to get around the island quickly. You can also build a trading shop that lets you purchase items crucial to collecting all 130 Golden Walnuts.

Harvesting Crops

Your fast-growing crops should also be mature enough to be harvested on Day 5. Golden Walnuts may drop while you pick crops using your hands.

Ginger Island North

Unlocking the Island Trader

The Island Trader is located a few meters from the Island North entrance. As usual, a parrot will be on a perch, asking for walnuts in exchange for the stall.

Unlocking the Island Trader’s shop costs 10 Golden Walnuts. The shop is run by a blue-colored bird who will trade goods with you. The trader offers one Golden Coconut in exchange for 10 Coconuts. If you still haven’t gotten hold of a Banana Sapling, you may purchase it from the trader for five Dragon Teeth.

Ginger Island West

Unlocking the Parrot Express

The Parrot Express is a transportation system you can use to travel from one location to another with the help of parrots. The parrots lift you while on a hut and take you to the Volcano, Island Farm, Dig Site, Jungle, or Beach Docks. Instead of traveling on foot, flying on the Parrot Express can help you save a lot of time and give you a chance to focus more on searching for more treasures on the island.

You can head to the Island Farm Parrot Express and pay a parrot 10 walnuts to unlock fast travel on Ginger Island.

Walnuts Depicted in Journal Scraps

Some of the things you’ll discover upon reading Journal Scraps are about the lore of the land. Some are presented like a treasure map that shows where you can find Golden Walnuts throughout Ginger Island.

You can only dig up these hidden walnuts if you have Journal Scraps # 4, 6, and 10.

Read our Secret Notes and Journal Scraps guide to learn where you can find all the Golden Walnuts depicted in Journal Scraps.

Ginger Island Southeast

The Pirate Cove

The secret cove at Ginger Island will only be bustling with pirates on an even-numbered day and when it’s not raining. A pirate by the bar will offer you to play a game of darts.

As the pirate requests, you must score 301 points with 20 darts. One Golden Walnut will be awarded to you every time you win. Each round, you get fewer darts to make things even more challenging. You can win a maximum of three Golden Walnuts from this minigame.

Players who are done with most of their missions on the island and collecting nearly all Golden Walnuts available in the game may just be waiting for their melon crops and banana trees to grow. If you’re a speedrunner, you can skip days until your melon fruit is big enough to harvest.

Otherwise, you can continue trying to accomplish your other goals while waiting for your crops to mature.

Day 9-12

Ginger Island West

Completing the Gourmand Frog quest

Depending on the circumstances or how you planted it, your Melon can be harvested 9 to 12 days after planting it.

If you choose the agriculturist profession and plant your crops with Deluxe Speed-Gros on Day 1, you can harvest your Melon on Day 9.

Without the Agriculturist profession and Speed-Gro, the Melon will be ready for harvesting on Day 12.

Enter the Gourmand Frog’s cave at any time of day. Talk to the frog, and it will teleport outside to inspect the crops. One by one, it will check your ready-to-harvest Melon, Garlic, and Wheat, and you’ll earn 15 Golden Walnuts.

Day 32-33

Ginger Island East

Solving the Banana Shrine puzzle

Your banana tree should now produce fruit after being planted for 28 days on the island.

Once you obtain the banana fruit, you may head east to the Banana Shrine. Place the fruit on the altar and wait for a gorilla to pick it up. You’ll earn three Golden Walnuts for this act of generosity.

Ginger Island West

Unlocking the Walnut Room

Those who successfully collect 100 Golden Walnuts can enter the locked door on Island West. Every walnut you gather can still be counted, regardless of spending it all on repairing buildings or unlocking areas.

The Perfection Tracker

There are plenty of new and interesting features you can access inside the Walnut Room, but if you’re a speedrunner, you’ll find the Perfection Tracker one of the most useful tools in the game.

The Perfection Tracker is found on the right side of the room. This machine can track all your achievements in the game, including the number of Golden Walnuts you have collected.

To recap, here are all the different methods you can do to obtain all the hidden Golden Walnuts on the island:

Digging them up and Gathering them from Bushes: 37 Golden Walnuts

Exploring the Volcano Dungeon: 17 Golden Walnuts

Fishing: 5 Golden Walnuts

Breaking Mussels: 5 Golden Walnuts

Harvesting Crops: 5 Golden Walnuts

Walnuts in Journal Scraps: 3 Golden Walnuts

Cracking Open a Golden Coconut: 1 Golden Walnut

Fishing in the Star-shaped Pond: 1 Golden Walnut

Whacking the Green Mole: 1 Golden Walnut

Whacking Leo’s Hut: 1 Golden Walnut

Hitting the Tree Using a Slingshot: 1 Golden Walnut

Killing Tiger Slimes: 1 Golden Walnut

Completing the Gourmand Frog Quest: 15 Golden Walnuts

Completing the Field Office Quest:13 Golden Walnuts

Solving the Hidden Shrine Puzzle: 5 Golden Walnuts

Completing the Pirate’s Wife Quest: 5 Golden Walnuts

Solving the Mermaid’s Puzzle: 5 Golden Walnuts

Solving the Banana Shrine Puzzle: 3 Golden Walnuts

Solving the Colored Crystals Puzzle: 3 Golden Walnuts

Winning the Dart Minigame: 3 Golden Walnuts

Total: 130 Golden Walnuts

And that is how you can quickly acquire all 130 Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley! You might also want to check out our other gaming guides for Stardew Valley to learn more useful tips on the game.

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