Hollow Knight: How To Defeat First Boss


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In the beautiful world of Hollow Knight, overcoming the initial challenge of defeating the first boss is a crucial step on your journey. This introductory battle awaits the Knight in the Forgotten Crossroads, where you’ll encounter an enemy known as False Knight.

Hollow Knight: How To Defeat First Boss

To triumph over this initial challenge, the Knight must use sharp reflexes, patient observation, and strategic thinking. Don’t worry, though. With determination and a willingness to learn, you’ll be on your way to claiming victory against the first boss.

In this guide, we will walk you through defeating the first boss in the game, the False Knight. With this, you can progress deeper into the mysterious realm of Hollow Knight.

The First Boss in Hollow Knight: False Knight

The False Knight is the main boss in the game. This boss is located in the Forgotten Crossroads. This area is the game’s first significant region that the Knight explores. The False Knight is a large, armored beast with a mace-like weapon and a beetle-shaped helmet.

As mentioned, the False Knight is the game’s first and most fundamental boss battle. The False Knight is part of the game’s introductory section, which teaches players the fundamentals of fighting and moving. Despite its fundamental purpose, False Knight’s past is closely connected with the story of the kingdom of Hallownest, the world the Knight explores in the game. 

The False Knight is a Maggot dressed in armor according to the in-game role. One of Hallownest’s Five Great Knights, Hegemol, owns this armor. The “Mighty Hegemol” is the title given to this Great Knight by Nailmaster Sheo.  The current location of the Mighty Hegemol is still in question.

The Maggot stole Hegemol’s armor to protect his siblings. They are hiding in a wrecked storeroom in the Forgotten Crossroads area. Hegemol was asleep in his armored shell when the Maggot found it and took it for himself. He anticipated the immense strength that wearing the armor would bring and thus became the False Knight. However, the False Knight eventually succumbed to the Infection plaguing Hallownest.

Where to Find the First Boss in Hollow Knight

How to Defeat First Boss - Location

The Knight can encounter the False Knight near the middle of the Forgotten Crossroads. The False Knight is in the upper half of a large room.

Requirements and Enemies

As previously stated, the False Knight is the first boss and is part of the game’s introductory stage that teaches the basic concepts of battle. As a result, no Spells or Abilities are required for the Knight to learn to fight the False Knight. The Knight won’t have to dash or wall jump to reach this first boss.

On the way to the False Knight, however, the Knight will encounter many enemies. The Knight will meet these enemies on their way to the False Knight: a Leaping Husk, a Husk Hornhead, Tiktiks, Crawlids, Gruzzers, Goams, Vengeflies, Aspid Hunters, Husk Bullies, and a Husk Guard.

Path to the First Boss in Hollow Knight

To take on the False Knight, the Knight must do the following:

  1. Begin from the Bench up in Dirtmouth and go to the right. Head down the well to enter the Forgotten Crossroads.
  2. After that, head to the left. There, the Knight will run into a Tiktik and a Crawlid. Exit at the end of the room.
  3. The Knight is then in a vast room with multiple Gruzzers and Tiktiks. Descend to the bottom of the room using the platforms in the center. The Knight can avoid the Gruzzers and Tiktiks along the route. Go down the exit in the center of the floor at the bottom.
  4. Then, head down on the right, down the gap in the middle of the floor, and head right. Fall this platform, then land on a little platform down the right gap. Then, utilize the small platforms and descend to the floor on the right side of the room. Exit the room on the right at the bottom.
  5. Then, turn right, descend the platforms, turn right again, and jump across the gap to reach a little platform. The Knight will come upon an Aspid Hunter here. Drop to the floor below on the right and exit to the right.
  6. Next, go right, leap across the gap, turn right again, and drop down the platforms on the right. Here, the Knight will come across a few of Goams. Wait for the Goam to retract before jumping over its path, then wait for the other Goam to retract before jumping across the gap. Wait for the other Goam to retract before jumping across.
  7. The Knight will come upon a Vengefly here. Jump over the spikes to the platform on the right, then up the platform to find another Goam. Wait for it to retract before jumping up the platform on the right and exiting.
  8. Then, proceed to the right, where three Vengeflies and more Goams exist. Wait for the Goam to burrow, then jump across. Wait for the next Goam to burrow, then jump across. Finally, jump up the platform on the right. Drop down the right-hand gap and head for the exit. Afterward, jump to the little platform on the right, then to another platform above on the right, and finally to the exit above.
  9. Then, proceed up the platforms on the left and the main platform on the right. Here, the Knight will find a Tiktik and a Vengefly. Go up the small platform above, jump to the ledge on the right, then up the platform above. Go up the enormous platform on the left, where another Tiktik awaits. Exit the room by going to the left, jumping across the gap to the platform on the left.
  10. Next, proceed down the platforms on the left to find a Husk Guard. Go to the left to find two Husk Bullies and a Leaping Husk. Take the exit at the path’s end.
  11. Then, proceed to the left, ascend the next little platform above, and ascend the three levels above on the right. Go to the right, then up the platforms on the left. The Knight will be in a large area with two Husk Bullies and a Husk Hornhead.
  12. Finally, if you try to leave the room on the left, the gates will fall and trap the Knight. The False Knight will immediately enter to attack the Knight!

How to Defeat the First Boss in Hollow Knight

The key to defeating the False Knight, the first boss, is knowing its moves and understanding its behavior:


The False Knight will execute the following attacks:

  • Leap – The False Knight will leap into the air to move inside the room. Or, the False Knight may leap to prepare for the Slam assault. This boss will not use this move twice in a row. Also, the False Knight will not use Leap in the latter third of the battle.
  • Slam – The first boss will ready his weapon, swing it, and slam it on the floor. Because of that, a shockwave will ripple across the room. The Slam attack will cause barrels to fall from the ceiling during the next phases of the fight. As the battle progresses, the number of barrels is going to increase.
  • Charge – If the Knight is far enough away, this boss will sprint a short distance to get to the Knight. The Knight will then take damage if the False Knight gets in contact. At the end of this attack, the False Knight will immediately execute the Leaping Bludgeon attack.
  • Leaping Bludgeon – After completing the Leap attack, the False Knight slams his mace down, aiming where the Knight was when the False Knight started the Leap attack. The attack will also cause barrels to fall in the latter phase of the battle.
  • Rage – If the False Knight takes enough damage, he will stagger and reveal the Maggot under his armor. After getting enough damage and recovering it, the Maggot will return to the armor and launch the Rage attack. For about three seconds, the False Knight will leap to the center of the room and bash his mace on his left and right sides. Barrels will fall from the ceiling every time the mace hits the floor. If False Knight is not attacked for an extended period of time while he is staggered, the False Knight will stand up and resume his usual attacks without using the Rage attack.

Behavior & Tips

After taking enough damage, the False Knight will be staggered quickly. After that, the battle moves on to Phase 2. With each attack, the Maggot’s slurred voice becomes more audible. Additionally, barrels will start falling during the False Knight’s Slam attack while in this phase.

The False Knight will become staggered again after taking more damage. Then, the battle will enter Phase 3. Barrels will also fall during the Leaping Bludgeon attack while in this phase. Also, even more barrels will fall during the Slam attack.

The Maggot’s head will pop out every time False Knight gets staggered. During this time, the Knight may heal before hitting the Maggot again to deliver more damage. Because damaging the False Knight’s armor does not give Soul, attacking the Maggot will be the Knight’s opportunity to gain some Soul.

Because of the lack of Soul, keep the Knight’s Soul preserved. To do this, the player can refrain from using Spells and only use them for healing. The Grubsong Charm can counter this problem. This Charm enables the Knight to gain Soul whenever an enemy attacks them. However, the caveat is that it is easier to acquire later in the game.

The barrels do not deal damage to the False Knight’s armor. However, the Knight can hit the barrels to redirect them. When properly directed, these barrels may deliver damage to the False Knight.

The wall above the left entrance will become breakable after the False Knight’s initial Rage attack. This enables the Knight to leave the battle. Leaving and then returning, however, will restart the battle.

The False Knight will be staggered three times, causing the Maggot to thrust its head out three times. It will perform a final Rage strike after its final stagger. The room’s floor will eventually fall apart, and the False Knight will drop to the area below. The Knight may then drop down the pit after the False Knight. The Knight can continue striking the Maggot’s head to finish the fight.

The Maggot will drop out of the armor after defeating the False Knight and drop a glowing item. If the Knight inspects the glowing item, the Knight will get the City Crest. The Knight can use the City Crest to unlock the pathway to Hallownest’s capital, the City of Tears.


Defeating the first boss, the False Knight, in Hollow Knight demands skill and adaptability. By studying his movements, patiently dodging its attacks, and striking when opportunities arise, victory is within your grasp. Remember to keep practicing and refining your approach if needed.

As you complete this first major challenge, you’ll acquire not just the joy of victory but also valuable experience that will help you navigate the intricate world of Hollow Knight. So, get ready, stay persistent, and enjoy the thrill of overcoming this challenge on your heroic quest in Hollow Knight!

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