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Team Cherry’s Metroidvania action-adventure game, Hollow Knight, follows the journey of a nameless warrior called the Knight as he travels through Hallownest, which is now a kingdom ruined by a supernatural disease. As the Knight journeys through Hallownest, he encounters various characters that will help fully unravel the story in the game.

Hollow Knight: How to Find Cornifer in Ancient Basin

To fully explore and navigate through Hallownest, the Knight must have the maps for the different areas in the game. To obtain maps, the Knight must purchase them from the humming cartographer named Cornifer. Cornifer is working on mapping the entirety of Hallownest so he can be found in every area and sell the area’s map to the Knight.

The player will learn to find Cornifer in Ancient Basin in this guide!

Ancient Basin

Cornifer’s location in Ancient Basin is on the right side of the middle room of the Ancient Basin.

The Knight will encounter many enemies in Ancient Basin, but the Knight will only encounter the Shadow Creepers on the way to Cornifer.

Before the Knight can find Cornifer in the area, it is required that the Knight has the Monarch Wings ability, which allows the Knight to perform a double jump in mid-air, or the Mothwing Cloak ability, which allows the Knight to perform a horizontal dash forwards. With these abilities, finding Cornifer in Ancient Basin will be no challenge at all.

To find Cornifer in Ancient Basin, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. From Deepnest or Kingdom’s Edge, enter the Tram and interact with the glowing button in the rightmost (or in the leftmost if you start from Kingdom’s Edge) part of the Tram to go to the Ancient Basin.
  2. Next, exit the Tram, head to the left, and drop down the exit on the floor.
  3. Then, head to the left,, where there will now be pieces of paper scattered around, which means that Cornifer is nearby; drop down the shaft on the left, where the Knight will encounter a Shadow Creeper, land on the small platform, drop down the gap on the left, land on a slightly wider platform, drop down the gap on the left, then land on a large platform where the Knight will encounter another Shadow Creeper.
  4. After that, jump across the gap on the right and head to the platform slightly above with the help of the Mothwing Cloak or Monarch Wing’s ability, head to the right, and, finally, the Knight will find Cornifer

Now that the Knight has found Cornifer, the Knight can now purchase the map of Ancient Basin for only 112 Geo. After that, the Knight can now navigate the Ancient Basin area better!

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