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Merryweather agents invade Michael’s home.

GTA 5: Meltdown Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Molly’s haste and panic as Michael chased after her to retrieve the analog copy of Meltdown caused her to become careless and get sucked into a parked airplane’s turbine, killing her instantly. Michael never laid a finger on Molly, but Devin Weston believes otherwise.

Devin Weston wants to exact revenge on Michael and his family for the loss of his esteemed assistant Molly Schultz, and he chose the worst night to do it. Devin Weston believes it was Michael who killed Molly. After all, Michael chased after her to retrieve the analog reel for the movie Meltdown.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Meltdown and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Meltdown Synopsis

Michael arrives at Ponsonbys to check out some tuxedos for the Meltdown premiere. After Michael picks out the ideal tuxedo for the red carpet event, Jimmy arrives in a limousine and picks him up to celebrate his dad’s movie-making debut.

image 99

The pair celebrate in the limousine. Jimmy opens the sunroof and peeks out of the limousine so all of Los Santos can see him rolling in style.

All the guests and celebrities have slowly made their way inside the movie theater to witness the premiere, but Michael and Jimmy stay back and wait for Amanda and Tracey. A few minutes later, Michael and Jimmy arrive at the red carpet event and are met by Solomon Richards. Michael and Solomon Richards congratulate each other for completing their first movie together.

image 102

While waiting for Amanda and Tracey outside the movie theater, Michael and Jimmy is met by Devin Weston, who congratulates Michael on the movie. Devin Weston sarcastically expresses his happiness at the premiere, unlike Michael’s wife, Amanda.

Michael and Jimmy quickly realize Amanda and Tracey are in trouble. Michael and Jimmy abandon the premiere and drive back to their house as fast as they can. Upon arrival, Michael and Jimmy spot multiple Merryweather agents making their way inside the house.

image 104

Michael tells Jimmy to hide somewhere while he goes and finds Amanda and Tracey. As Michael enters their front door, he sees Amanda resisting a Merryweather agent. Michael makes quick work of the agent, saving Amanda in the process.

With Amanda free, the pair quickly run to Tracey, who a Merryweather agent in her bedroom holds down. Michael shoots the Merryweather agent in the head, killing him instantly. Michael tells Amanda and Tracey to stay in the room while he clears the entire house of Merryweather agents.

Michael makes quick work of the remaining Merryweather agents scattered around their house. Michael makes his way back inside with the coast clear to check on Amanda and Tracey. Before Michael could reach for Tracey’s bedroom door, a Merryweather agent hiding in the corner knocks him down.

image 118

Scared for their lives, Amanda and Tracey did not know what to do with Michael being held at gunpoint by the last surviving Merryweather agent. In a stroke of luck, the house’s power cuts off, leaving the Merryweather agent confused and unable to see around him.

image 119

With his night-vision goggles on, Jimmy slowly walks towards the Merryweather agent and smacks him in the head, knocking him out cold. To celebrate his brave feat, he tea bags his dad, believing he was on top of the Merryweather agent.

image 120

Meltdown Gold Medal Objectives

image 92
  • Time: Complete within 06:30.
  • Pedal to the Metal: reach top speed in any vehicle.
  • Tier One Operator: Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
  • Headshot Rescue: Rescue Amanda and Tracey with a headshot.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Meltdown Mission Guide

Change into a Tuxedo at Ponsonbys.

image 94
image 96

Run to the limousine to save time. You can skip the limousine ride to hit the Time Gold Medal objective.

image 97
image 98

Get out of the limo and walk towards the red carpet. The cutscenes here are long, so feel free to skip them to save time.

image 100

Get in a car and drive back to Michael’s home. Drive as fast as possible, as you need to hit the top speed on the car you choose.

image 105
image 106

Get out of the car and run inside the house.

image 107

Amanda will be on the stairs resisting a Merryweather agent. Kill the agent with a headshot.

image 110

Run to Tracey’s room.

image 123

Use Michael’s special ability to land a clean headshot on the Merryweather agent. This should complete the Headshot Rescue Gold Medal objective.

image 124

Clear the house of Merryweather agents. Remember to use Michael’s special ability to score 12 headshots. Doing so will complete the Tier One Operator Gold Medal objective.

image 113
image 114
image 115

Get back to Amanda and Tracey. Skip the rest of the cutscenes to save time.

image 116
image 122

Evacuate Immediately

Michael calls Lester shortly after the Merryweather incident in their home. Michael will need to do something about Devin Weston to keep his family and their home safe. Lester tells Michael to leave the house for several days to let the heat die.

Meltdown has multiple long cutscenes that eat into your time requirement. With only 06:30 to complete the mission, you must skip all the cutscenes in this mission if you want to get a Gold Medal. Once you leave the red carpet event, drive as fast as possible to complete the Pedal To The Metal objective. Lastly, use Michael’s ability to score 12 headshots and kill Amanda and Tracey’s captors.

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