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Learn how to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight!

How To Get To the Abyss in Hollow Knight

Exploring the mysterious world of Hollow Knight is an exciting adventure. This game tells the story of a nameless warrior known as the Knight as they journey across Hallownest, a ruined kingdom due to a strange infection. One of the most interesting challenges in the game is finding your way to the Abyss. This area is an eerie place deep within Hallownest, with many secrets to uncover.

This guide will walk you through how to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight. To reach this special location, you must navigate twisting tunnels, solve puzzles, and defeat tough enemies. It might be a little tricky, but with perseverance, you’ll discover new things and earn great rewards as you explore the darkness of the Abyss!

The Abyss in Hollow Knight

Located beneath the Ancient Basin, The Abyss is Hollownest’s lowest point. The Abyss features a massive chasm filled with the shells of Vessels born in the area and rejected. The Abyss is the source of the Void, a substance at the very bottom of the area.

According to in-game lore, an ancient civilization revered the Void from or near the Abyss. This was before even the kingdom of Hallownest was established. When the Pale King came to Hallownest, he learned about the Abyss and the Void’s presence. Once the Infection started, he used the Void to transform his children into Vessels.

They are now beings born in the Abyss with a shell filled with Void. After choosing the Hollow Knight as his Vessel, the Pale King sealed the Abyss. The Siblings, the shades of dead Vessels, still roam the depths of the Abyss.

Apart from that, The Abyss contains the Knight’s birthplace. The area, however, is only accessible if the Knight has the Kingsoul Charm equipped. 

Here, the Knight will run into a few enemies. Specifically, the Knight will find the Shadow Creepers, the Siblings, and the Void Tendrils in the Abyss.

In the Abyss, the Knight can also find and acquire many items. Among these items are three Geo Deposits, three Arcane Eggs (the Knight can access one of them only if the Knight has 15 Lifeblood Masks), two Soul Caches, the Lifeblood Core Charm (also requires the Knight to have 15 Lifeblood Masks), the Void Heart Charm, the Abyss Shriek Spell, and the Shade Cloak Ability.

How to Get to The Abyss

As mentioned, the Abyss is directly below the Ancient Basin. To enter the area, there is only one path. However, there is one major item that the Knight needs to enter the Abyss: the King’s Brand.

King’s Brand

A screenshot showing where to find the King's Brand on the Hollow Knight map

The King’s Brand has one purpose in the game: opening the door to the Abyss. The Knight can get the King’s Brand in the Cast-Off Shell in the easternmost part of Kingdom’s Edge.


The Knight must have a few abilities to acquire the King’s Brand. The Mantis Claw ability is one of them. This ability allows the Knight to slide down and jump off vertical surfaces. The Monarch Wings ability is another requirement. The Knight can use this ability to execute a second jump while still in mid-air. Although not essential, having the Mothwing Cloak ability is advantageous. This ability allows the Knight to dash forward horizontally.

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The Knight must also purchase the Lumafly Lantern from Sly in Dirtmouth. This item will help the Knight light up dark rooms.


In Kingdom’s Edge, the Knight will run into many different enemies. On their way to the King’s Brand, the Knight will encounter the following enemies: a Husk Hornhead, a Husk Dandy, a Gluttonous Husk, Vengeflies, Belflies, Booflies, Hoppers, Primal Aspids, and, lastly, Hornet Sentinel. This is Hornet’s second form as a boss in the game.

Path to the King’s Brand

The Knight must do the following to get the King’s Brand:

  1. Start from the King’s Station Stag Station, and exit the room on the left. Here, the Knight can find a Husk Hornhead, a Husk Dandy, and a Gluttonous Husk. Drop to the bottom of the room and take the exit on the right, which has another Stagway sign.
  2. After that, go to the right, where the Knight will find two Vengeflies. Jump towards the water, swim to the right, and pass through a hidden pathway.
  3. Then, the Knight will use the Lumafly Lantern to brighten the room slightly. When the dive-bombing Belfly appears overhead, avoid or hide beneath the elevated platform. Go up the platforms to the right, then to the right, to find two more Belflies. Take the exit at the path’s end.
  4. The Knight is now at Kingdom’s Edge’s central cliff! Go down the area utilizing the small platforms in the center, where the Knight will face a few Booflies. Go to the bottom of the large shaft, careful not to fall into the acid pool. Exit the room using the right-hand path.
  5. The Knight will next confront three Hoppers, a Primal Aspid, three more Hoppers, another Primal Aspid, and another Hopper to the right. Then, there will be a tall platform. Using the Mantis Claw ability, climb up the side of the tall platform.
  6. Next, either jump and dash (Mothwing Cloak ability) or jump twice (Monarch Wings ability) to the platform on the left above. Exit the room to the left and climb up the next shaft above.
  7. Following that, proceed to the left, where the Knight will find three more Hoppers. Climb the left-hand wall, then leap to the platform on the right, where there is another Hopper. Turn right, jump over the gap, and exit using the path above.
  8. The Knight will discover a Hopper upon entering the room. Using the platforms above and the Knight’s multiple abilities, climb to the top of the room. The Knight will encounter a Hopper and a Primal Aspid on his way up. Head to the right at the top, jumping over the spikes. Head up the passage at the end through double jumping with the Monarch Wings ability to the platforms above
  9. After that, move to the left at the top. Jump and attack the ceiling at the end of the path to expose a hidden exit. If you take the exit, you’ll find the Knight in a chamber with a Bench. This is the Knight’s final Bench before meeting Hornet Sentinel, so heal up and save your progress. This room also contains a Wanderer’s Journal. After healing and saving, leave the room.
  10. Then, proceed to the right and ascend the slightly elevated platforms. Hornet will emerge and depart near the end of the journey. Take the exit at the path’s end.
  11. After that, head to the right and go down the path. At the bottom, go to the right, and the Knight will be trapped inside a large open area and battle Hornet! The Knight must now defeat Hornet Sentinel to continue.
  12. After emerging victorious against Hornet Sentinel, the path back and to continue will now open. Head to the right and follow the path downwards. At the bottom, go to the left,t where the Knight will find the entrance to the Cast-Off Shell. Enter this structure.
  13. Finally, inside, head to the left, and the Knight will find a glowing item. Inspect the glowing item, and the Knight will get the King’s Brand!

Getting to the Abyss

A screenshot of the Hollow Knight map showing how to get into the Abyss

Now that the Knight has the King’s Brand, the Knight can now enter the Abyss! To do that, the Knight must do the following:

  1. From the Tram in Deepnest or Kingdom’s Edge, interact with the glowing button in the leftmost (or in the rightmost if you start from Deepnest) part of the Tram to get it moving. This will cause the Tram to go to the Ancient Basin.
  2. After that, exit the Tram and head down the exit on the floor left of the Tram.
  3. Next, drop down the small platform and head to the left. Drop down the gap/shaft on the left, where the Knight will find a Shadow Creeper. The Knight will then land on a small platform. Drop down the gap on the left, and the Knight will land on a platform with another Shadow Creeper. Go to the right and drop down the shaft while sliding down the right wall, where there is another Shadow Creeper. After the Knight slides off the wall, keep moving to the right to land on a platform instead of spikes. Drop down the shaft on the right to exit the room.
  4. Then, drop down slightly to the left, where the Knight will find a Shadow Creeper. Go to the right and drop down another gap to find another Shadow Creeper. At the bottom, head to the left, and the Knight will find a massive door. This door has the mark of the King’s Brand. When the Knight approaches the gate, it will light up and open. Enter the newly unlocked exit.
  5. The Knight is now in The Abyss! This first room contains quite a few Shadow Creepers and spiky platforms. Drop down to the bottom of the area, and Siblings will continue to spawn and pursue the Knight until the Knight exits.


In Hollow Knight’s captivating world, reaching the Abyss is like a thrilling adventure into the unknown. It’s a journey filled with challenges that might be tough, but it’s also a chance to discover new things and learn.

By facing problems, solving puzzles, and staying determined, you can unlock the way to the Abyss and find its secrets. Remember, the journey itself is important; you’ll grow and learn as you go. So, with your Nail ready and your bravery shining, set out to find the Abyss and embrace the darkness in the kingdom of Hallownest!

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