How to Get the Mothwing Cloak in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to get the Mothwing Cloak in Hollow Knight!

How to Get the Mothwing Cloak in Hollow Knight

You must obtain the Mothwing Cloak to dash into Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. This will grant the Knight the ability to dash a short distance – horizontally – to cross gaps that normal jumping cannot reach or to dodge enemy attacks.

A screenshot of the Knight in Hollow Knight

The Mothwing Cloak can be used mid-air and has a cooldown of 0.6 seconds, but It resets after landing on the ground, taking damage, jumping off of enemies or objects using their Nail, or holding onto or jumping off a wall with the Mantis Claw.


A screenshot of the Mothwing Cloak's location in Hollow Knight

The Mothwing Cloak can be obtained in the Greenpath and accessed early in the game.

Boss Reward: Beat the Hornet to get the Mothwing

A screenshot showing the Knight fighting Hornet in Hollow Knight

To obtain the Mothwing Cloak, the Knight must first defeat Hornet, the princess-protector of Hallownest’s ruins. To beat her, it is essential to understand her moves in battle. Here are her base moves:

  • Run – move around the arena
  • Leap – jump within the arena
  • Lunge – Hornet thrusts forward with her needle in hand
  • Aerial Lunge – Hornet leaps into the air, aims at the Knight, and rushes downwards
  • Gossamer Storm – Hornet releases an area-of-effect attack centered on herself, slicing anything around her using her thread. This can be done in mid-air.
  • Throw – Hornet launches her needle forward and then pulls it back. It can inflict damage on the Knight as it goes back. The attack range is a little smaller than the width of the battlefield. 

If you’re fast enough, Hornet changes into a battle stance at the beginning of the skirmish. She will remain stationary and can be repeatedly attacked during this animation, which only takes a second. There is a very small window to attack after she does her Lunge attack, which can easily be dodged by jumping out of her way or moving out of the attack’s range. As for her Aerial Lunge, Hornet’s aim is locked onto the Knight as soon as she jumps. Move away right after she locks her aim.

It’s worth mentioning that Hornet’s Gossamer Storm and Throw attacks both take time to execute and have a limited range. Although small, this can be a window to heal. To dodge Hornet’s Throw attack, simply move out of range or, if you don’t have time, jump to the middle of Hornet and her needle after she throws it, then quickly jump away when she pulls it back. As for her Gossamer Storm, she will usually do this attack when the Knight is close to her. Simply move or jump away from the range of the attack.

After dealing with damage, she will eventually stagger and take a breath to try and recover. This will happen four times during your battle. Do not attack her during this; attacking her will cause her to recover immediately. This is the best time to heal. Hornet will then Leap toward the Knight after she recovers.

A screenshot showing the Mothwing Cloak in Hollow Knight

After the battle, the Mothwing Cloak is yours for the taking!


The Mothwing Cloak can be upgraded to the Shade Cloak, allowing the Knight to dash through enemies and their attacks. Additionally, equipping the Dashmaster Charm decreases the 0.6-second dash cooldown to 0.4 seconds and the ability to dash downwards.

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