How To Get the Shopkeeper’s Key in Hollow Knight


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Hollow Knight, a Metroidvania action-adventure game developed by Team Cherry, follows the story of a nameless warrior known as the Knight as they journey through the magnificent kingdom of Hallownest. A supernatural illness has devastated this kingdom.

How To Get the Shopkeeper's Key in Hollow Knight

The Knight will be able to collect new items, abilities, spells, and charms as they explore Hallownest, allowing them to explore numerous locations and battle opponents. The Shopkeeper’s Key is one of Hollow Knight’s items.

This valuable item allows the Knight to acquire various useful goods in the game. This guide will discuss getting the Shopkeeper’s Key in Hollow Knight. So, ready your Nail and equip some charms as we go for an adventure in Hollow Knight’s Hallownest!

Hollow Knight Shopkeeper’s Key

The Shopkeeper’s Key is an item the Knight must give to Sly in Dirtmouth. Doing so will unlock new items in Sly’s wares that the Knight can buy. The following are the items that are unlocked after giving Sly the Shopkeeper’s Key:

Mask Shard800 Geo(the Knight must first purchase all the available Mask Shards)
Mask Shard1500 Geo(the Knight must first purchase the previous Mask Shard)
Vessel Fragment900 Geo
Heavy Blow Charm350 Geo
Sprintmaster Charm400 Geo
Elegant Key800 Geo

A Mask Shard is one-fourth of a whole Ancient Mask, which, if completed, adds one Mask to the Knight’s health. A Vessel Fragment is one-third of a Soul Vessel that, if completed, increases the Soul that the Knight can bring.

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The Heavy Blow Charm will increase the knockback when attacking enemies using the Nail by 75%. The Sprintmaster Charm will increase the Knight’s running speed by 20%. Finally, the Elegant Key allows the Knight to open the door that leads to the Shade Soul Spell in the Soul Sanctum.

How to Get the Shopkeeper’s Key

A screenshot showing Crystal Peak on the map in Hollow Knight

The Knight can find the Shopkeeper’s Key near the top right corner of a room in the middle of the Crystal Peak area.


The Knight must first have a specific ability to get the Shopkeeper’s Key. This ability is the Mantis Claw ability. This will enable the Knight to cling and slide down walls or jump off them.


On the way to the Shopkeeper’s Key, there are enemies that the Knight will run into. These enemies are Husk Miners, Glimbacks, Crystal Crawlers, and a Shardmite.

Path to the Shopkeeper’s Key

To get the Shopkeeper’s Key, the Knight must do the following:

  1. Start from the Bench at the southernmost part of Crystal Peak. Go to the left and exit the room.
  2. After that, the Knight will run into a Husk Miner. Go a little bit to the left, where there is a shaft with conveyor belts before the gao. Climb up the shaft using the Mantis Claw ability and, at the top, go to the left again. Exit the room through the path above.
  3. Then, the Knight has two possible paths to take. The path on the left requires the Knight to go up a level and run into a Glimback. Jump up the path above in the middle, where the Knight will find two Husk Miners. Cling to the wall on the left to ride the conveyor belt upwards, then jump towards the next platform. Here, the Knight will run into another Glimback. Alternatively, the path on the right requires the Knight to cling to the wall on the right to jump up the platform above. Here, the Knight will find a Husk Miner. In any case, at the top, take the path above on the right. It is important to point out that the path on the right necessitates the Knight to have either the Monarch Wings ability or the double jump to reach and continue on it.
  4. Next, go to the left and cling to the conveyor belt on the wall on the left to head up. Head to the next platform and exit the room through the path above.
  5. Following that, the Knight will run into a lot of Crystal Crawlers. Go to the right, then use the platforms to head up. While doing that, the Knight must dodge the lasers or defeat the Crystal Crawlers. Go to the left and head up the path.
  6. Then, the Knight will run into some more Crystal Crawlers. Climb up the shaft, go to the right, then go up. Here, the Knight must, again, dodge the lasers or defeat the Crystal Crawlers. Take the path above in the middle.
  7. Next, again, there are two possible paths that the Knight can take. On the path above, on the left, are two more Crystal Crawlers. On the shaft above on the right, the Knight will find a Husk Miner and a Shardmite. Head up either of these paths. Then, climb up another shaft with another Shardmite.
  8. Finally, at the top, the Knight will reach a platform with a glowing item. Inspect the item, and the Knight will get the Shopkeeper’s Key!

With the Shopkeeper’s Key, the Knight can head back to Dirtmouth. It is important to mention that there is a shortcut back to Dirtmouth down below on the previous room, then on the left.

However, the Knight must have the Crystal Heart ability, the super dash, to cross this shortcut. Once in Dirtmouth, enter Sly’s shop on the left of the area’s Bench and give Sly the Shopkeeper’s Key. The Knight can now purchase more items from Sly!


Getting the Shopkeeper’s Key in Hollow Knight requires perseverance and patience. By exploring the nooks and crannies of Hallownest, defeating powerful enemies, and acquiring the necessary abilities, the Knight can open the path to the key’s location.

Once in possession of this special item, the Knight will gain access to hidden treasures and valuable wares. These will enrich the Knight’s journey in the hauntingly beautiful world of Hollow Knight.

May the knowledge gained here guide you on your adventure as you unravel the mysteries beneath and become a true master of this wonderful game.

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