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In Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, there are a lot of areas with their own kinds of enemies. One of these areas is The Hive.

How to Go to The Hive in Hollow Knight

Under Kingdom’s Edge is a large community of bees called The Hive. The Hive is built from brown and translucent honey-like materials. In addition, the architecture in the area follows a hexagonal shape just like honeycombs. 

In The Hive, the Knight will encounter different kinds of enemies: Hivelings, Hive Soldiers, Hive Husks, Hive Guardians, and the Hive Knight who is the optional boss of the area.

In this area, the Knight can also encounter and obtain a lot of items: ten Geo Deposits (with two only reachable by entering the north entrance), two Grubs (with one only reachable by entering the north entrance), a Mask Shard, a Whispering Root with 20 essences, and the Hiveblood Charm which you can only obtain after defeating the Hive Knight.

Reach The Hive

Before being able to reach The Hive, the Knight must first obtain the Tram Pass, which can be found in the wreck of a tram in the Failed Tramway in Deepnest, to access Kingdom’s Edge.

After obtaining the Tram Pass, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. From Deepnest or Ancient Basin, enter the Tram and interact with the glowing button in the rightmost part of the Tram (if you start from Deepnest, interact with the glowing button twice to reach Kingdom’s Edge).
  2. Next, exit the Tram and proceed to the right where you’ll encounter spike pits, which you can easily jump and dash over
  3. Continue to the right until you reach a wall and two Hivelings. Kill the Hivelings then with the Soul gained from killing them, cast the Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul Spell on the wall to break it and reveal a pathway (going up the wall and exiting above leads to Kingdom’s Edge).

Once in The Hive, the Knight can open a path that can help access the further depths of The Hive. Just continue on the path of the area until you reach this part of the map:

Then, there will be a breakable wall that leads back to Kingdom’s Edge.

Additionally, there is another entrance to The Hive but this time it is an isolated part of The Hive which contains a Grub and Geo Deposits. This entrance can be found just before entering Kingdom’s Edge’s central cliff. You will find a few more stray Hivelings and a breakable floor (exactly before the entrance to the central cliff). Then, this pathway is filled with pools of acid

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