Hollow Knight: How to Go to The Abyss



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In Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, there are a lot of areas with their kinds of enemies. One of these areas is The Abyss.

Hollow Knight: How to Go to The Abyss

Under the Ancient Basin is the lowest area in all of Hollownest called The Abyss. The Abyss has a giant chasm that has a lot of shells of Vessels that were born in the area and discarded. Aside from that, the Knight’s birthplace can also be found in The Abyss; however, the room can only be accessed if the Knight has equipped the Kingsoul Charm. Additionally, The Abyss is also the origin of the Void, a substance that can be found at the very bottom of the area.

In The Abyss, the Knight encounters different enemies: the Shadow Creepers, the Siblings, and the Void Tendrils.

In this area, the Knight can also encounter and obtain a lot of items: three Geo Deposits, three Arcane Eggs (with one of them only accessible if the Knight has 15 Lifeblood Masks), two Soul Caches, the Lifeblood Core Charm (which is also accessible if the Knight has 15 Lifeblood Masks), the Void Heart Charm, the Abyss Shriek Spell, and the Shade Cloak Ability.

Reach The Abyss

Before reaching The Abyss, the Knight must first obtain the King’s Brand, which the Knight can find on the path ahead after defeating Hornet (Sentinel) in the eastern part of Kingdom’s Edge, to enter The Abyss.

After obtaining the King’s Brand, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. From Deepnest or Kingdom’s Edge, enter the Tram and interact with the glowing button in the rightmost (or in the leftmost if you start from Kingdom’s Edge) part of the Tram to go to the Ancient Basin.
  2. Next, exit the Tram and drop down the hole in the floor on the left side of the Tram.
  3. Then, head to the bottommost part of the room, where you will find an exit that leads downwards.
  4. After that, proceed down the path where the Knight will encounter two Shadow Creepers, then proceed on the path on the left where there will be a massive gate with the mark of the King’s Brand. Approach the gate, and it will light up and disappear. Go through the newly-opened entryway.
  5. Upon entering, the Knight will be in a large room with a few Shadow Creepers filled with spiked platforms. Head down to the very bottom of the room, and the Knight will arrive at The Abyss!

It is worth mentioning that there are two Geo Deposits on the top right corner of the first room (under the room’s entrance) of The Abyss and another Geo Deposit in the middle of the large room just above the floor of The Abyss.

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