How To Upgrade Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to upgrade Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight!

How To Upgrade Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight

As players delve deeper into the haunting depths of the kingdom of Hallownest, the Knight will encounter Fragile Charms that grant them unique abilities and improve the Knight’s combat prowess. However, as their name suggests, these delicate Charms come at a cost—they break if the Knight dies.

Fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to upgrade these delicate Charms. With this, the Knight can transform them into unbreakable sources of power. Whether you’re seeking enhanced protection or bolstered offensive capabilities, join us as we unravel the steps to upgrade Fragile Charms and unlock their full potential in the Knight’s dangerous adventures in Hollow Knight!

Fragile Charms

Charms are special items in the game that grant the Knight various skills and perks. To equip or unequip these Charms, the Knight must sit on a Bench and have enough unused Charm Notches. The Knight can find one set of Charms in the game: Fragile Charms.

These delicate charms bestow various enhancements upon the wearer. However, as mentioned above, these Charms have a catch—Fragile Charms are incredibly fragile. This means that these Charms shatter and break upon the wearer’s death. Given the nature of these Charms, it would be best to use them when the player is certain that the Knight would not die in battle, unlike in boss encounters.

The Knight can purchase Fragile Charms from Leg Eater. Also, Leg Eater will lower the price of the Charms if the Knight has the Defender’s Crest Charm equipped. If any of the Fragile Charms break, it is worth mentioning that Leg Eater can restore them for a fee.

There are three kinds of Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight. The following are their effects, the Charm Notches they consume, the cost to purchase them, the cost to repair them, and the lowered costs if the Knight has the Defender’s Crest Charm equipped:

CharmEffectCharm Notches RequiredCostRepair Cost
Fragile Strength Charmraises the damage output of the Knight’s Nail by 50%3 Charm Notches250 Geo
(can be lowered to 200 Geo)
150 Geo
(can be lowered to 120 Geo)
Fragile Heart Charm250 Geo
(can be reduced to 200 Geo)
2 Charm Notches350 Geo
(can be lowered to 280 Geo)
200 Geo
(can be lowered to 160 Geo)
Fragile Greed Charmincreases the amount of Geo that is dropped after defeating enemies2 Charm Notches150 Geo
(can be reduced to 120 Geo)
150 Geo
(can be lowered to 120 Geo)


A screenshot of the location of the Leg Eater in Hollow Knight

As mentioned above, the Knight can purchase Fragile Charms from Leg Eater. The Knight can find him in the northeast area of the Fungal Wastes.

Once the Knight finds Leg Eater, talk to him, and he will ask if the Knight collects a lot of Geo. Leg Eater will then say he will show the Knight something nice if the Knight gives him Geo. Confirm on the prompt to provide Leg Eater 86 Geo. Then, he will show the Knight his collection of charms. The Knight can now purchase Fragile Charms from him!

Abilities Needed

Before the Knight can find Leg Eater, the Knight must have a few abilities. The Knight must have either the Mothwing Cloak or Monarch Wings ability. The Mothwing Cloak ability enables the Knight to dash forwards. The Monarch Wings ability, on the other hand, enables the Knight to jump again while in mid-air. Either of these abilities will do, but, of course, both will be better.


The Knight will face different enemies on the way to Leg Eater. Among these enemies are Fungoons, Funglings, a Fungified Husk, Husk Hornhead, Sporgs, Amblooms, Shrumal Warriors, Shrumelings, and Shrumal Ogres.

How to Upgrade Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight

As mentioned above, the Knight can upgrade all three Fragile Charms. Doing so will cause them never to break again if the Knight dies. This means that after they are upgraded, the effects of the Charms will become permanent just as long as the Knight does not unequip them.

Additionally, once upgraded, their names will change from fragile to unbreakable. This means that after upgrading, the Fragile Charms will become the Unbreakable Strength Charm, the Unbreakable Heart Charm, and the Unbreakable Greed Charm!

To upgrade the Fragile Charms, the Knight must pay Divine some Geo! Now, let’s find out how to find Divine!


Divine is one of the Grimm Troupe members, a traveling circus in the game. The Grimm Troupe travels from the Nightmare Realm to the location of the lit Nightmare Lantern. They have Troupe Master Grimm as their leader.

According to in-game lore, Divine is searching for the source of the odor deep under her, Leg Eater. When the Knight offers her the Fragile Charms, she eats them, only to return them as Unbreakable Charms after being given a great amount of Geo.

The amount of Geo needed to upgrade the Fragile Charms depends on the Charm. The Knight must pay 15,000 Geo to upgrade the Fragile Strength Charm, 12,000 Geo to upgrade the Fragile Heart Charm, and 9,000 Geo to upgrade the Fragile Greed Charm. The Knight must pay Divine 36,000 Geo to upgrade the Fragile Charms.

A screenshot showing where to find Divine in Hollow Knight

The Knight can find Divine inside the smaller tent of the Grimm Troupe up in Dirtmouth. However, the Knight cannot immediately find the Grimm Troupe’s tents. First, the Knight must summon them.

How to Summon the Grimm Troupe

Before attempting to summon the Grimm Troupe, it is vital to note that Divine and the Grimm Troupe can only be found in The Grimm Troupe DLC. The player must first download and install to find Divine and complete the story it provides. Also, this content pack is free!

A screenshot showing where to summon the Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight

To find Divine, the Knight must first summon The Grimm Troupe. The Knight must light up the Nightmare Lantern to do that. The Knight can locate the Nightmare Lantern at the lower portion of Howling Cliffs.


A few abilities must be acquired for the Knight to reach the Nightmare Lantern. One of them is Mantis Claw’s ability. The Knight can cling to and jump off vertical surfaces with this ability. The next prerequisite is the Dream Nail ability.

This ability allows the Knight to gain Essence and enter Dreams. Another prerequisite is the Mothwing Cloak ability or Monarch Wings ability. The Knight’s Mothwing Cloak ability enables him to move forward in a horizontal dash. The Monarch Wings ability, on the other hand, allows the Knight to jump once more while in mid-air. 

To illuminate exceptionally dark areas, the Knight must also acquire the Lumafly Lantern from Sly in Dirtmouth.

Path to the Nightmare Lantern

This is what the Knight has to do to find the Nightmare Lantern:

  1. Go to the left from Dirtmouth’s Bench, then utilize the Mantis Claw ability to jump up the wall at the end of the path. Dash (Monarch Wings) or double jump to the platform at the top of the wall. Then, enter the door on the right.
  2. The Knight is now at King’s Pass. Continue to the left, then down the gap and go to the right. Drop down the next gap and use the platforms to continue to the left. Continue to the bottom, on the right side of the spikes.
  3. Following that, move to the right of what looks to be a wall to reveal a hidden area. Jump, then dash or double jump to the right to get over the spikes. Drop down the gap where the Knight will use the Lumafly Lantern to illuminate the area. The Knight can find a Geo Chest on the left. When you hit it, the Geo Chest will release the Fury of the Fallen charm.
  4. Afterward, go to the left, down the small gap, and then to the left, where the Knight will find a Crawlid. Proceed to the platform on the left, where the Knight will run into another Crawlid. Then, jump across the gap and to the left, with an open area.
  5. Then, walk to the left of what looks to be the room’s wall to discover another hidden path. Follow this passage up a narrow shaft, keeping a watch out for spikes, and exit the room at the top.
  6. After that, move to the next platform above, then to the left, where a wooden structure supports a wall. To open the passage, repeatedly attack the wooden structure several times.
  7. If the Knight goes to the left and up the platforms, the Knight will be at Howling Cliffs, where he will face a Crawlid. To the left, the Knight will run into another Crawlid. Cross the gap using the small platforms to find a Tiktik, a Vengefly, and another Crawlid. Pass Gorb the Great Mind’s tomb to the left and use the small platforms to cross the gap to find another Vengefly and Tiktik. Exit through the path on the left.
  8. After that, turn left and drop through the gap to land on a small platform. Here, the Knight will encounter another Vengefly, Tiktik, and Crawlids. Follow the shaft below, then the corridor on the right until you reach a platform with pieces of paper.
  9. Go to the left, drop down the gap, and then back to the left to land on a platform with a Crawlid. Turn right and jump down the gap to a little platform below. The Knight will find another Crawlid on the left.
  10. Then, head toward the right wall and repeatedly strike it to break it down and reveal a hidden path. Descend the shaft on the right, where the Knight will find a Wanderer’s Journal. Proceed to the right-hand wall. Hit this wall a few times to break it and reveal an exit. Take the newly discovered exit.
  11. Then, go all the way to the right. The Knight will find the carcass of a large bug near the far right end of this room. Use the Dream Nail ability on the large bug; then, it will burst with red Essence.
  12. Return to the previous area to the left, where the Knight will discover the Nightmare Lantern. Repeatedly hit the Nightmare Lantern, the torches in the dark room will light up, and music will begin to play. This means The Grim Troupe has been summoned to Dirtmouth!

Following this, the Knight can return to Dirtmouth and locate The Grimm Troupe! They’ve pitched their tents to the left of the Bench and Sly’s shop.

Upgrading the Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight

A screenshot of Divine in Hollow Knight

Now that the Knight has summoned the Grimm Troupe, the Knight can upgrade the Fragile Charms! First, ensure the Knight has equipped the Fragile Charm you want to upgrade. Also, make sure that the Knight has enough Geo to pay Divine. 

To upgrade Fragile Charms, enter the tent on the left of the main tent of the Grimm Troupe. Inside, the Knight will finally find Divine. Talk to her, and she will say that she can smell something below them and wants it. Talk to her again, and she will notice the Knight’s Fragile Charm. She will then ask the Knight to show it to her.

Select “Yes” on the prompt to confirm, and then she will eat the Knight’s Fragile Charm. After that, leave the tent, enter the tent again, and talk to Divine twice. Then, she will say that she will give the Knight a gift if the Knight gives her Geo. Select “Yes” on the prompt to give her the Geo; then, the Knight will receive the unbreakable version of the Fragile Charm!

Do this for all three Fragile Charms to get the Unbreakable Strength Charm, the Unbreakable Heart Charm, and the Unbreakable Greed Charm! Pro tip: make sure to upgrade the Fragile Greed Charm last. This is so that the Knight can use it to farm Geo to upgrade the Fragile Charms from Divine.


By following the steps and uncovering the secrets shared here, you have unlocked the true potential of these delicate treasures. No longer will you fear their shattering upon death, for they have been transformed into unbreakable power sources.

With the Knight’s upgraded Fragile Charms in Hollow Knight, the Knight can now face the perils of Hallownest with increased confidence and prowess. Use the Knight’s newfound powers wisely and adapt them to your unique playstyle.

May your adventures in the beautiful world of Hollow Knight be filled with triumph and discovery! Embrace the power of your upgraded Fragile Charms, and may they guide you towards the Knight’s heroic destiny. 

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