Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Crystal Heart Ability (Super Dash)


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Learn how to obtain the Crystal Heart Ability in Hollow Knight!

Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Crystal Heart Ability (Super Dash)

One of the most useful (and cool-looking) abilities in Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight is the Crystal Heart ability. The Crystal Heart allows the Knight to fly horizontally, which does not stop until the Knight hits a surface. So, it’s a super dash.


A screenshot showing how to get to Crystal Peak

The Crystal Heart ability can be found at the end of a platforming segment east of Crystal Peak. It can be obtained by interacting with the old mining golem on the east end of the room.

Traversing the Crystal Peak area would be impossible without the Mothwing Cloak (dash), Mantis Claw (clinging to walls and wall jump), and Desolate Dive (powerful dive to the ground).

A screenshot showing the Crystal Heart ability in Hollow Knight

To perform the Crystal Heart, hold the assigned super dash button (while the Knight is on the ground or clinging to a wall) to concentrate force. Then, release the button to fly forward when it is fully charged. The Knight will continue to fly forward until he hits a surface, is interrupted by damage, or when you press the jump or super dash button again.

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Aside from flying forward, the Crystal Heart is also damaged when it contacts an enemy. It deals ten damage to enemies, and this ability will not stop the movement or damage the Knight.

Even though the Knight doesn’t have to face and fight any boss to obtain this ability, the challenge is the path leading to it. Be ready to get frustrated because of obstacles to getting the Crystal Heart ability. You’ll be facing a lot of Glimbacks, Husk Miners, conveyor belts, revolving platforms above crystals that inflict damage, and crystal beetles that fire laser beams. Despite this, the Crystal Heart ability is useful and worth investing time in.

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