Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads



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The Metroidvania action-adventure game Hollow Knight by Team Cherry follows the journey of a nameless warrior known as the Knight through Hallownest, a now-ruined kingdom because of a terrible disease.

Hollow Knight: How to Obtain the Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads

As the Knight advances through Hallownest, he will have the opportunity to acquire new items, abilities, spells, and charms that will help him overcome obstacles and pass through the various sections.

One of these game items is the Hallownest Seal. According to game lore, these items are used as the official symbols of the Pale King and the Five Great Knights. The Hallownest kingdom’s design also features the emblem. Hallownest Seals can be found in the Hallownest at several locations; in this guide, you’ll learn where to find them at the Forgotten Crossroads.

Aside from the Hallownest Seals given by the Grubfather for finding Grubs all over Hallownest, there is another one that can be found in the Forgotten Crossroads:

Forgotten Crossroads Hallownest Seal

The Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads can be found in a narrow opening in the middle of the shaft that connects the Forgotten Crossroads and Dirtmouth.

In the  Forgotten Crossroads, the Knight will face a variety of enemies. However, the Knight will not run into any enemies on the way to the Hallownest Seal in the area.

In order to obtain the Hallownest Seal that was mentioned, the only ability that the Knight needs is the Mantis Claw ability, which allows the Knight to cling to walls and jump off of them. With this ability, finding the Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads will be no challenge at all.

To find the Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. Starting from the Stagway Station in Dirtmouth, head to the left, ride the elevator to go up, then take the exit on the left.
  2. The Knight is now in the main area of Dirtmouth. The Knight can sit on the Bench on the left to heal and save your progress.
  3. Next, head to the left, pass through the shops and take the exit of the well that leads downwards.
  4. The Knight is now in the Forgotten Crossroads. Upon landing, jump up the shaft that the Knight dropped in from, head up the wall on the left with the help of the Mantis Claw ability; then, just a little bit above, there will be a narrow opening on the wall on the left.
  5. Finally, enter the narrow opening, head to the left, and there the Knight will find something glowing next to a dead bug. Inspect the glowing thing and the Knight has now obtained the Hallownest Seal in the Forgotten Crossroads!

After obtaining the Hallownest Seals, the Knight can offer each seal to Relic Seeker Lemm for 450 Geo at the City of Tears’ west of the Hollow Knight monument.

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