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Learn how to complete The Last One mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: The Last One Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

GTA 5 features three protagonists, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, and each character features their storyline and missions in the game.

However, Franklin is the real protagonist of GTA 5, as evidenced by all his Story Missions and Strangers and Freaks missions, contributing to 100% completion in GTA 5.

Franklin also gets a special extra mission after the player finishes GTA 5 with a 100% completion in The Last One, where Franklin attempts to find and take down the fabled Sasquatch.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Last One and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission in GTA 5.

The Last One Synopsis

While exploring the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area, Franklin encounters a hunter looking for the enigmatic sasquatch.

The hunter tells Franklin he is lucky as he almost shot Franklin because he thought Franklin was a sasquatch.

Franklin could not believe the hunter believed in such a thing but defended himself by telling Franklin how he’d been combing the woods for eight years and guaranteed he had seen a sasquatch multiple times.

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The hunter pulls a fresh scat from his pocket to prove his claim even further, insisting it was from the Sasquatch. Franklin is grossed out by the fact that the hunter carries fresh scat in his pockets, but before they can discuss the scat further, the hunter turns around and fires a shot out of nowhere, injuring a random hiker in the woods.

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The hunter tries to escape his mistake by saying some sasquatches wear orange so people would think they’re hunters. Franklin is the least bit convinced by the hunter’s claims but heads out into the woods to find the sasquatch.

Franklin heads to the scat site in the valley to find the sasquatch. After running around the valley for a while, Franklin comes across the sasquatch running around the woods. Franklin gives chase and attempts to down the sasquatch by firing at it with his gun but fails as the sasquatch is still running at full speed after the fact.

Franklin approaches the sasquatch and discovers that sasquatch can speak English like a normal person. The sasquatch asks Franklin to shoot him and then rambles about how he was the last of his kind. Franklin eventually injures the sasquatch enough to incapacitate the sasquatch.

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Franklin does not buy the charade and realizes that the sasquatch is wearing a mask. Franklin takes the mask off, uncovering a normal person underneath. The sasquatch eventually admits to role-playing as a fantastical beast but also lets out a very convincing dog-like bark after his statement, which weirds out Franklin again.

Tired of the oddness he has been dealing with, Franklin takes out the sasquatch once and for all, ending the mission.

The Last One Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Wounded: Shoot the Sasquatch three times before catching it
  • Hunter: Kill four animals while chasing the Sasquatch
  • Mr. Green: Go to the scat site on foot

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Last One Mission Guide

Go to the scat site on foot. Do not take the buggy, or you will miss the chance to get the Mr. Green Gold Medal Objective.

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Switch to your favorite automatic gun on your way to the scat site.

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As soon as you arrive at the scat site, the sasquatch will pass by and run away into the woods.

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After spotting the sasquatch the first time, feel free to kill any wild animals as you chase the sasquatch around. You need to kill four animals to complete the Hunter Gold Medal Objective.

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You should be able to hear the sasquatch’s animal call while he runs through the woods. Keep an eye on your minimap to better understand where he is currently.

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Remember to shoot the sasquatch when you get the chance. You must land three shots on the sasquatch to get the Wounded Gold Medal Objective.

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You will catch up to the Sasquatch eventually. A quick cutscene should play out once you catch up to the sasquatch.

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Sasquatch In The Flesh

The Last One is the true final mission in GTA 5, as it is only unlocked after the player finishes GTA 5’s story mode with 100% completion.

The Gold Medal Objectives for The Last One are fairly simple and can easily be achieved in a single run.

Wounded only requires you to hit the sasquatch three times before catching it. With an automatic rifle and a scope, you can easily land at least three shots to complete this Gold Medal Objective.

Hunter is also fairly simple, as you can wait until the sasquatch is finally incapacitated to hunt down four animals. Lastly, Mr. Green is given as running to the site on foot is the best way to get there.

While a dirt bike might sound like a good idea, it makes shooting and chasing the sasquatch more difficult.

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