How to Obtain the Steady Body Charm in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to obtain the Steady Body Charm in Hollow Knight!

How to Obtain the Steady Body Charm in Hollow Knight

Team Cherry’s Metroidvania action-adventure game, Hollow Knight, follows the journey of a nameless warrior called the Knight as he travels through Hallownest, a kingdom ruined by a supernatural disease. As the Knight journeys through Hallownest, he can unlock new abilities, spells, and charms that help him traverse through different areas of Hallownest and defeat enemies.

In the game, special items give the Knight different abilities and bonuses called Charms. To equip or unequip these Charms, the Knight must sit on a Bench, and the Knight must have enough unused Notches to equip them. In this guide, we will learn about the Steady Body charm.

One of the 45 Charms in the game is the Steady Body Charm, which requires and takes up only one Charm Notch. When equipped, the Steady Body charm prevents the Knight from being knocked back horizontally after hitting enemies with the Nail. Not only that, but the Steady Body will also remove the horizontal knockback if the Knight jumps on the purple mushrooms without using the Nail. With the Steady Body charm, the Knight will not be knocked back when attacking enemies!


A screenshot of the Steady Body Charm's Location in Hollow Knight

The Steady Body charm can be purchased for 120 Geo from Charm Lover Salubra in the southeasternmost part of the Forgotten Crossroads. 

The Knight will encounter various enemies in the Forgotten Crossroads. Still, the Knight will encounter the following enemies on the way to Charm Lover Salubra: Tiktiks, Crawlids, Gruzzers, Aspid Hunters, Goams, Vengeflies, Leaping Husks, Wandering Husks, Husk Hornheads, and the Gruz Mother, a mini-boss in the game.

Before the Knight can reach Charm Lover Salubra, it is recommended that the Knight has the Monarch Wings ability, which allows the Knight to perform secondary jump mid-air, and the Mantis Claw ability, which enables the Knight to cling to walls and jump off of them.

It is technically possible to access Charm Lover Salubra’s house without these abilities, but it would be very hard as it would require the Knight to Nail-bounce from a Shade in the area. This is because Charm Lover Salubra’s house is on top of a tall platform that can only be accessed using these abilities.

To find Charm Lover Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads, this is what the Knight must do (this is assuming the player is still in the early game and has yet to unlock the Stagway Station in Dirtmouth and the Forgotten Crossroads):

  1. Starting from the Bench in Dirtmouth, head to the right, then drop down on the well to take the exit downwards and reach the Forgotten Crossroads.
  2. Next, head to the left, where the Knight will encounter a Tiktik and a Crawlid, then take the exit on the leftmost side of the room.
  3. After that, the Knight will be in a large room filled with Gruzzers and more Tiktiks. Head to the bottom of the room and take the exit downwards.
  4. Then, head down at the bottom and take the exit on the right.
  5. Next, head to the right. The Knight will encounter an Aspid Hunter and take the exit on the lower right side of the room.
  6. After that, continue on the right, where the Knight will encounter three Goams repeatedly rising out of the ground: a Vengefly and another Goam. Take the exit on the right.
  7. Then, continue on the right, where the Knight will encounter more Vengeflies and Goams. The Knight can either take the path on the right straight ahead or a little bit up the platforms. However, the Knight will not have to evade Goams on the platform path. Take the exit on the rightmost part of the room.
  8. Next, upon entering the next room, drop down from the platform, and the Knight will encounter another Aspid Hunter. Head to the bottom of the room, head to the right, where the Knight will encounter a Leaping Husk (there is also a Soul Totem on top of a platform above the Leaping Husk), then take the exit on the right.
  9. Afterward, head to the right, and the Knight will eventually enter an arena where you must face the Gruz Mother. Strike the sleeping Gruz Mother to start the battle. The Knight must defeat the Gruz Mother to continue. After defeating the Gruz Mother (and its Gruzzers), the path back and to continue will be opened. Head to the path on the right to continue.
  10.  Next, drop down on the gap where the Knight will encounter two Wandering Husks and a Husk Hornhead; continue to the right, and at the end, you will see a tall platform with a Bench and house at the top.
  11. Go to the platform’s top using the Mothwing Cloak or the Mantis Claw ability, save your progress by sitting down on the Bench, enter the house, and, finally, the Knight will find Charm Lover Salubra!

Talk to Charm Lover Salubra, and she will introduce herself and her Charm store. She will then ask the Knight if the townsfolk outside her house told them to come over and visit her and say that the village outside is lovely, intimate, and full of life, which implies Charm Lover Salubra has no idea that all that is left outside of her house are just ruins. Then, Charm Lover Salubra will say that she has noticed that the Knight has started a Charm collection of their own and will show some of her own, which the Knight can purchase if they like.

After that interaction with Charm Lover Salubra, the Knight can purchase the Steady Body charm for 120 Geo and other items from Charm Lover Salubra!

Now that the Knight has the Steady Body charm, the Knight can equip it while sitting on the Bench just outside of Charm Lover Salubra’s house/shop, and the Knight will now be sturdy and will not be knocked back when attacking enemies!

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