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Do not let his low pick rate fool you; Cypher can be very scary on Pearl.

VALORANT: Cypher Setups on Pearl

Cypher has been sitting at the bottom of the VALORANT roster for quite a while now. Riot Games has just been too caught up with the monster they created in another Sentinel in Chamber to give Cypher the love and care he deserves in-game.

Currently, Cypher is the second least picked Agent with a microscopic 8.2% pick rate, which tells us that most players probably do not see much value in Cypher as their Sentinel of choice on most maps these days.

Despite this, Cypher remains a powerful Sentinel Agent that can do damage, especially from the Defending side on Pearl. With some effort and knowledge, you can easily inject fear and uncertainty into the other team when playing as Cypher.

With that said, we have lined up some easy Cypher setups that can help you defend bombsites and secure flanking lanes on the map.

Pearl A-site Cypher Setup on Pearl Defending

A-site will be the best spot for Cypher on Pearl, as both lanes leading to the A-site are barely wide enough to be covered by Cypher’s Cyber Cage and Trap Wire combo.

Below are two setups you can mix for every round to keep the enemy team guessing. You are not recommended to use the same old traps every round since the enemy team will quickly adjust and address these setups before they enter A-site the next time.

Pearl A-site Setup 1

  1. Place the first Trap Wire along the A-site entrance:
image 411
image 412

2. While standing in the same corner, set up the A-Link one-way Cyber Cage by lining up the right tip of the Cyber Cage charge indicator and the left tip of the Spy Cam charge indicator along this strip on the wall:

1 6
image 413

3. Set up the second Trap Wire by standing against the green door by the A-Link entrance:

image 414

4. The Last Cyber Cage should be placed at the A-site entrance to help confuse enemies that get trapped in the Trap Wire.

image 415

You can randomize your camera placement so the enemy team can not read your camera’s location for the next round. To start, place it in this corner on the window at A-Camp.

image 416

Pearl A-site Setup 2

  1. Place the first Trap Wire along this wall at A-Camp:
image 417

You can wall bang enemy players caught by this first Trap Wire from A-Dugout:

image 418

2. Place the second Trap Wire along this half wall covering A-Dugout. It should cover the A-Default area and catch the Attacking team’s Spike planter. Again, you can wallbang enemies caught by this Trap Wire through the half wall at A-Dugout.

image 419
image 420

3. Place one Cyber Cage along the second Trap Wire:

image 421

4. Place the second Cyber Cage as a one-way at A-Link:

image 422
image 423

Pearl B-site Cypher Setup on Pearl Defending

Playing B-site with Cypher on Pearl is tricky and poses a few problems.

First, the B-Main entrance is as wide as it gets for a lane leading toward B-site, and while you can still set up a Trap Wire along the corner of the B-site wall and screen, there are not many alternative options after you have used one of these traps on the enemy team the first time.

Second, Cypher does his best work in tight areas with tons of cover. B-site is a relatively open bombsite compared to A-site. There are B-Tower and B-Halls, but Cypher players will not have many options for cover on B-site other than those spots.

With that said, your best bet when playing Cypher on B-site will be to use his one-way Cyber Cage setups and prioritize B-Link.

Pearl B-site Setup 1

  1. Place the first Trap Wire along the B-Link entrance:
image 424

2. Place the second Trap Wire along the right corner of the screen:

image 425

The screen area is a common spot for Attackers whenever they swing wide to peek B-Tower and the rest of B-site upon entry.

3. Place the first Cyber Cage along the top-middle part of this middle tile at B-Main;

image 427

Place the second Cyber Cage along the arch at B-Link to act as a one-way smoke.

4. Stand along this strip on the wall:

image 429

5. Aim for this corner at the B-Link arch

image 430
image 432
image 431

6. Place your Spy Cam inside B-Hall:

image 434

It’s a Trap

Cypher is not equipped with abilities that allow him to hold off an entire team alone. The most he can do is pick off one or two enemies before falling to the rest of the enemy team on defense.

Nevertheless, Cypher’s ability to stop and punish entry fraggers and rushers on their tracks can be very powerful on Pearl. Memorize as many Cypher setups as possible to build your repertoire of traps on Pearl.

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