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In Genshin Impact, each character will have some sort of relationship towards the traveler, who are the players. This is called Friendship and you can see its level and progress when you open a character’s attributes in the Character Info Window.

How to Increase Friendship in Genshin Impact

Increasing the friendship level of a certain character will unlock profile stories of that character, as well as voice-over audio files. These dialogues also present the character’s views and comments on things and other characters, which are all part of that character’s lore.

At friendship level 10, you will also unlock a character’s Namecard as a reward. These can be used as your default name card or profile background.

To increase a character’s friendship level, that said character doesn’t necessarily need to be leveled up. All you need is to include that character in a party as you do some in-game challenges to collect Companion EXP.

How to Get Companion EXP


Aside from some specific items that you get as rewards after completing a domain challenge, you can also get up to 20 Companion EXP depending on the challenge level.

Weekly Bosses or Trounce Domains

When defeating a weekly boss, Companion EXP of up to 70 points can be collected along with all other rewards.

Daily Commissions

Every day, you can do 4 Daily Commissions and each will give 60 Companion EXP. After this, when you report to the Adventurers’ Guild you can get another 100 Companion EXP as part of your reward for completing all Commissions for the day.

Random World Events or Requests

When exploring the world of Teyvat, especially in Mondstadt, you will come across random events. These are small challenges that range from defeating monsters, breaking monster items, and helping NPCs that are in harm or just deliver items for them. Some random events will also be feeding animals around the area.

It is easy to complete these challenges so why not do a little something on the side. Although 10 or 15 Companion EXP may seem too little, it can still help increase a character’s friendship level.

Serenitea Pot

As you might already be aware of, Serenitea Pot will accumulate Realm Currency and Companion EXP. However, you need to invite a companion into your Serenitea Pot if you want that character to receive the Companion EXP that was accumulated.

How to Change Default Namecard

Namecards are mainly for aesthetics purposes but it can be more than that to a lot of players. You can always change the Namecard for your profile.

To do this just go to your profile by clicking or tapping on Paimon’s icon and then the edit button.

Available options will appear and then select “Change Namecard“.

All available Namecards will be displayed but you can only choose the ones you own.

Select the Namecard you want and click “Use.”

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