How To Get The Unbreakable Strength Charm in Hollow Knight


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Welcome to the enchanting world of Hollow Knight, where darkness and mystery shroud the underground kingdom of Hallownest. Within this mysterious world, the Knight encounters many challenges and adversaries.

How To Get The Unbreakable Strength Charm in Hollow Knight

Among the tools and abilities at their disposal, the Unbreakable Strength Charm stands as a beacon of resilience and power. This guide will discuss the Unbreakable Strength Charm in Hollow Knight. Here, we will discover what it does and how to get it into the game.

Whether you’re a novice seeking to bolster your combat prowess or a seasoned adventurer aiming to maximize your strength, this charm will surely become an invaluable companion on your quest. So, let’s embark on this journey together as we unravel the mysteries and harness the unbreakable strength within Hollow Knight’s captivating world.

Hollow Knight Unbreakable Strength Charm

The Unbreakable Strength Charm raises the damage output of the Knight’s Nail by a whopping 50%. To equip it, the Knight must have three unused Charm Notches.

This is a very powerful Charm. It delivers a similar advantage as the Fury of the Fallen Charm without the need to be at only one Mask and costs only one Notch more. When the Knight is at one Mask, the combo of the Fury of the Fallen Charm and the Unbreakable Strength Charm delivers up to a 170% increase in the Knight’s damage output using the Nail.

The Unbreakable Strength Charm does not affect the damage output of the Nail Arts or the effects of the Thorns of Agony Charm, the Sharp Shadow Charm, and the Dreamshield Charm.

The following Charms work great when paired with the Unbreakable Strength Charm:

CharmEffectPairing Effect
Stalwart Shell CharmIncreases the Knight’s invincibility time by up to 35% when taking damage. Also, it decreases the recoil by up to 60% when taking damage.Lessens the time between the Knight’s attacks by up to 39%.
Quick Slash CharmIt enables the Knight to do an enormous amount of damage rapidly.Enables the Knight to do an enormous amount of damage rapidly.
Grubberfly’s Elegy CharmIf the Knight has all of their Masks, the Knight will fire a projectile when attacking using the Nail. The projectiles deal 50% of the Nail’s damage output.The effect stacks with the Unbreakable Strength Charm and deals up to 77.5% Nail damage with each projectile.
Fury of the Fallen CharmRaises the Knight’s damage output when using the Nail to attack when at one Mask remaining.The effects stack to deal up to 170.6% of damage when at one Mask remaining.

How to Get the Hollow Knight Unbreakable Strength Charm

Unfortunately, the Knight cannot easily find the Unbreakable Strength Charm anywhere around Hallownest. The Knight must first get a specific Charm and upgrade it to the Unbreakable Strength Charm to get this Charm. The Charm needed for this is the Fragile Strength Charm.

To acquire the Unbreakable Strength Charm, the Knight must do the following:

1. Acquire the Fragile Strength Charm

The Fragile Strength Charm has the same effect as the Unbreakable Strength Charm. It also boosts the Knight’s damage output by 50% when using the Nail. Also, the Knight must have three Charm Notches to equip it. Fragile Charms, on the other hand, are fragile.

This means that if the wearer dies, the Charms shatter and break. Because of that, the Fragile Strength Charm should be used only when the player is convinced that the Knight will not die in battle, unlike boss battles.

The Fragile Strength Charm’s Location

Screenshot of the player's map in Hollow Knight, showing where to go for the Fragile Strength charm

To get the Fragile Strength Charm, the Knight must purchase it and other Fragile Charms from Leg Eater. The Knight can find Leg Eater in the northern part of the Fungal Wastes area.

The Fragile Strength Charm costs 250 Geo. However, Leg Eater will lower the price of the Charms if the Knight has the Defender’s Crest Charm equipped. Because of that, Leg Eater will lower the price to only 200 Geo.

If the Fragile Strength Charm or any other Fragile Charms breaks, Leg Eater will repair them for a small fee. For the Fragile Strength Charm, Leg Eater will repair it for 150 Geo. Again, if the Knight has the Defender’s Crest Charm equipped, Leg Eater will lower the price to 120 Geo.

Requirements To Find Leg Eater

To find Leg Eater and purchase the Fragile Strength Charm, the Knight must have a certain ability. For this, the Knight must have the Mothwing Cloak or Monarch Wings ability. The former enables the Knight to execute a horizontal dash. The latter enables the Knight to execute another jump while in mid-air. Either of these abilities will do, but the Knight will get the Mothwing Cloak ability first.

Enemies You’ll Face on the Way to Leg Eater

On the way to Leg Eater, the Knight will encounter various creatures. Specifically, the Knight will find Fungoons, Funglings, a Fungified Husk, a Husk Hornhead, Sporgs, Amblooms, Shrumal Warriors, Shrumelings, and Shrumal Ogres.

Path to Leg Eater

To find Leg Eater and buy the Fragile Strength Charm, the Knight must do the following:

  1. Beginning at the Bench in the Forgotten Crossroads Stag Station, go to the right to leave the room. Descend the platforms to the right and take the exit to the right. Head down the little platform on the left, then head to the ledge on the left to exit the room.
  2. Then, on the left, jump up the high platform. Wait for the Goam on the left to retract before dropping down to the safe place on the platform. Wait for the next Goam to go underground on the left and swiftly jump to the next platform. Continue following the path after another Goam retracts. The Knight will encounter two Vengeflies to the left. Exit the room on the left at the end of the corridor.
  3. Then, proceed to the left and jump over the gap with the Goam to find another Vengefly. Jump through the spikes to the left, where another Goam awaits. Allow for the Goam to retract before crossing to the next station. Wait for the next Goam to get underground before jumping over. Allow for the last Goam to retract before crossing. Keep going to the left, up the platforms, jump over the gap, and exit the room.
  4. Afterward, proceed to the left and up the slightly higher platform to find an Aspid Hunter. Continue to the left, down the platforms, and out of the room. After that, when you enter, use the Mothwing Cloak ability to jump and dash to the platform above on the left. Follow the path to the left. At the bottom, turn right and take the first exit that heads down.
  5. The Knight is now in Fungal Wastes. Go down the shaft on the left and the platforms on the right to reach a small platform. A Fungoon will be found on the Knight’s right. Drop down to the platform below to find an Ambloom for the Knight. Fall the gap on the left, then the platform on the right. The Knight will come across another Fungoon on the right. Drop down the right-hand platform and head down the platforms to land on a little platform. 
  6. Next, head down to the little platform on the right and then the small platform on the left. On the left, the Knight will come across another Fungoon. Jump and dash to the right to land on a platform rather than an acid pool. Fall the right gap to land on a little ledge. Continue down the route on the left to reach another small platform and a ledge below. Take the right exit.
  7. Finally, head to the right, and the Knight will find Leg Eater next to a Bench!

Speak with Leg Eater, and he will inquire whether the Knight has a lot of Geo. He will then promise to show the Knight something nice if the Knight offers him Geo. Confirm the option to give Leg Eater 86 Geo; he will display the Knight his charm collection. After that, the Knight can now buy the Fragile Strength charm!

2. Summon The Grimm Troupe

Now that the Knight has the Fragile Strength Charm, you can upgrade it to the Unbreakable Strength Charm. However, before you can do that, the Knight must summon the Grimm Troupe.

It is important to remember that the Knight can only encounter the Grimm Troupe in The Grimm Troupe DLC. The player must first download and install this free content pack to access its story.

The Grimm Troupe’s Location

A screenshot of the Hollow Knight map showing where to find the Grimm Troupe

To summon The Grimm Troupe, the Knight must light up the Nightmare Lantern. The Knight can find the Nightmare Lantern near the center of Howling Cliffs.

Requirements To Reach the Nightmare Lantern

To reach the Nightmare Lantern, the Knight needs to acquire certain abilities. The Mantis Claw ability is one of them. With that ability, the Knight can hold on to and jump off vertical surfaces. The Dream Nail ability is the next requirement.

The Knight can use this ability to gain Essence and enter Dreams. Another requirement is the Mothwing Cloak or Monarch Wings ability. The Mothwing Cloak ability allows the Knight to move ahead in a horizontal dash. In contrast, the Monarch Wings ability allows the Knight to jump again in mid-air. 

The Knight must also obtain the Lumafly Lantern from Sly in Dirtmouth. This is to illuminate dark locations.

Path to the Nightmare Lantern

To find the Nightmare Lantern, the Knight must complete the following:

  1. From Dirtmouth’s Bench, move all of the way to the left. Head up the wall at the end using the Mantis Claw ability. Dash (Mothwing Cloak) or double jump (Monarch Wings) to the ledge at the top of the wall. Then, enter the left-hand door.
  2. The Knight has arrived at King’s Pass. Proceed to the left, then down the drop to the right. Fall the next gap and continue to the left using the platforms. Continue down to the bottom, to the right of the spikes.
  3. After that, proceed to the right of what appears to be a wall to reveal a concealed spot. To get over the spikes, jump and dash or double jump to the right. Fall the gap where the Knight will illuminate the area with the Lumafly Lantern. To the left, there is a Geo Chest. The Fury of the Fallen charm will get released when you hit it.
  4. From that, proceed to the left, down the little gap, and then to the left again, where the Knight will encounter a Crawlid. Continue to the platform on the left, where the Knight will come across with another Crawlid. Then, hop across the gap and to the left, where an open area awaits.
  5. Next, proceed to the left of what appears to be the room’s wall to find another concealed path. Continue up a small shaft, watch for spikes, and exit the area at the top.
  6. Afterward, proceed to the next platform above and then to the left, in which a wooden structure holds a wall. Strike the wooden structure multiple times to open the entrance.
  7. Then, go to the left and up the platforms; he will arrive at Howling Cliffs, where he will fight a Crawlid. The Knight will encounter another Crawlid to the left. Cross the distance through the little platforms to find a Tiktik, a Vengefly, and another Crawlid. Pass Gorb the Great Mind’s tomb to the left and utilize the little platforms to get across the gap to find another Vengefly and Tiktik. Take the exit on the left.
  8. Go to the left, descend through the gap, and land on a little platform. The Knight will encounter another batch of Vengefly, Tiktik, and Crawlids here. Follow the pathway below, then the path on the right, until you reach a platform with a few pieces of paper. Go left, drop down the gap, and then turn left again to land on a platform with a Crawlid. Turn right and drop down to a little platform below. On the left, the Knight will come across another Crawlid.
  9. Then, proceed to the right wall and hit it repeatedly to break it down and uncover a hidden path. Drop down the shaft on the right to uncover a Wanderer’s Journal. Continue to the right-hand wall. Attack this wall a few times to discover an exit. Take the newly found exit.
  10. Finally, turn right all the way. The Knight will discover a big bug carcass on the far right end of this area. Strike the corpse using the Dream Nail ability, and it will explode with red Essence.
  11. Proceed to the previous part of the room on the left, where the Nightmare Lantern will appear. Attack the Nightmare Lantern multiple times. Then, the torches in the gloomy room will light up, and music will start playing. This means The Grim Troupe has arrived in Dirtmouth!

After all this, the Knight can return to Dirtmouth and seek The Grimm Troupe! They’ve set their camp to the left of the Bench and Sly’s shop.

3. Talk to Divine

Divine is one of the Grimm Troupe’s members. According to the in-game story, Divine is looking for the source of the odor down underneath her, which is, in fact, Leg Eater. When the Knight gives her the Fragile Charms, she will put them in her mouth before returning them as Unbreakable Charms after receiving a large amount of Geo.

Divine’s Location in Hollow Knight

A screenshot of the map in Hollow Knight showing Divine's location

The Knight can meet Divine inside the smaller tent of the Grimm Troupe up in Dirtmouth.

Upgrading the Fragile Strength Charm 

The amount of Geo required to upgrade the Fragile Charms relies on the Charm. To improve the Fragile Strength Charm, the Knight must pay 15,000 Geo, 12,000 Geo to improve the Fragile Heart Charm, and 9,000 Geo to enhance the Fragile Greed Charm. To improve all of the Fragile Charms, the Knight must pay Divine 36,000 Geo.

Enter the tent to the left of the Grimm Troupe’s main tent to upgrade the Fragile Strength Charm. There, the Knight will find Divine. Talk to her, and she will tell the Knight that she can smell something beneath them and then that she wants it. Speak with Divine again, and she will notice the Knight’s Fragile Charm. She will then request that the Knight reveal it to her. If you answer “Yes” to the question, she will devour the Knight’s Fragile Strength Charm

After that, leave the tent, head back inside, and speak to Divine twice. Then she’ll declare she’ll offer the Knight a present in exchange for the Knight giving her Geo. If the Knight answers “Yes” to the prompt to give her the Geo, the Knight will obtain the Hollow Knight Unbreakable Strength Charm!


The Unbreakable Strength Charm in Hollow Knight emerges as a pivotal asset for any player seeking to triumph over the formidable challenges of Hallownest. Its ability to enhance the player’s combat prowess and unleash devastating strikes opens up new possibilities for overcoming adversaries. With this, the Knight can conquer the darkest corners of this mesmerizing underground kingdom.

Throughout our exploration of this charm, we have uncovered its true potential. We have seen how it can transform an adventurer into an unstoppable force. As you continue your journey through the enchanting world of Hollow Knight, remember the Unbreakable Strength Charm’s unwavering support.

This will be your steadfast companion in the face of adversity. The Unbreakable Strength Charm will empower the Knight to reach new heights of skill and resilience within this hauntingly beautiful and perilous world.

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