How Long Does It Take For Loot to Despawn in Rust



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Possibly one of the most asked questions for the game Rust is: ‘How long does it take for loot and bodies to despawn or decay?’. Quite frankly, even with so much intrigue surrounding this question, there isn’t really that much information on the topic. The main reason why players are interested in finding this out, is because if worst comes to worst, and a player gets eliminated, how much time they have until their loot is lost? Read on to find out!

How Long Does It Take For Loot to Despawn in Rust

Rust: How Long Does It Take for Loot to Despawn

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a clock on fallen items. That includes bodies, and other objects which are subject to decaying over time.

The reason why so many think that there isn’t a timer before the items disappear is mainly due to the fact that the general consensus is that the items only disappear if players get away a certain distance from them. This is true for most games, but that doesn’t include Rust.

So, how long does it take for loot to despawn in Rust? The exact time isn’t known, but the time it takes items to despawn in Rust is in the neighborhood of two-three minutes.

That goes for loot sacks, which is usually how most items appear when dropped. Meaning, whatever items you drop, they won’t drop as that item, but rather a loot sack.

Sure, there are exceptions to this, however, the same time applies for any item that are dropped from the player (on the ground). The bodies of fallen players take a bit longer to despawn, but the exact time for that is not known as of this moment.

During a couple of tests that players from the community did, it took somewhere between three to ten minutes for bodies to despawn completely.

That varies depending on what version players are running the game or the actual server is, since there were a lot of tweaks to these ‘timers’ over the years.

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