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There are only a few games out there which can be said that they pioneered a certain type of genre. Rust is that game. Back before it was released, there weren’t really any survival games which were all that famous or enjoyed by many players. Even Minecraft wasn’t that big of a deal then, since the game wasn’t anything close to what it is today.

How to Play Rust HDRP Backport

The point is that, since then, only a handful of survival games have surprised. And since then, many have been waiting for the next addition to the Rust franchise. Well, Rust HDRP Backport is here!

It isn’t a new game, but a lot has changed, mostly the graphics.

How to Start Playing Rust HDRP Backport

NOTE: Rust HDRP Backport will be available from April 7th to the start of March. It is still a public beta, which means that it is far from being released fully.

Basically, to start playing the Rust HDRP Backport, one has to go to Steam > Library, and search for Rust. Right-click on the Rust –  Staging Branch, hit Properties, then Betas. In the input field, type in “aux01”.

After this point, you will be eligible to play the public beta for this new version of the game.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it will take some time to download the HDRP version of the game. In fact, it is as big as the whole game, if not bigger, since there are a lot more additions, particularly graphical improvements.

Still, be weary of playing on this version too seriously, because Rust developers stated that they might be doing regular data wipes, which will remove players’ progress.

This version being available in this setting is just to test out how the game works.

They released this version before, but there were some huge issues that players began to experience, so they pulled the plug and decided to release it as a demo, and test out the waters.

As of this moment, it is unknown until when this version will be available, but one thing is for sure and that is that it won’t be for long.

Rust is available on multiple platforms: MacOS, Linux, & Microsoft Windows.

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