How tall is Amouranth?


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One of the tricky things about Twitch is, quite often, those broadcasting on the service are seated — often for long periods of time. If you’re the nosy type and you want to get a sense of their height, this makes doing so somewhat difficult. Amouranth is fairly popular (and has been in the news quite a bit thanks to her various run-ins with Twitch moderation), so it makes sense that people are searching for the answer to the question, “How tall is Amouranth?” Today, we’re scouring the web to find the answer. And then we’re putting it in front of you. Otherwise this whole exercise would be kind of a waste, wouldn’t it?

How tall is Amouranth?

There’s all sorts of conflicting info out there about how tall Amouranth is

In our research, numerous websites claimed to have the height of Amouranth locked down. Upon our visiting, however, we discovered that most tend to display one of two heights. Some sources claim she’s 5-foot-4. Others tack on an extra inch by saying she is 5-foot-5.

Sportskeeda, a website that covers all things esports and, apparently, streamers, typically comes across as a more reliable source on these matters. Places like (made up) almost certainly use web scrapers to try and gather as much data on people as possible, regardless of how correct it is. Therefore, I had a feeling Sportskeeda‘s info on the matter was correct, so I used that to dig deeper.

It appears Amouranth is indeed 5-foot-4. Our proof: back in 2019, she tweeted about poking some fun at herself while climbing. “I’m too short, I don’t cover much distance,” she said. It looks as though a fan then asked her how tall she is, and she answered:


For those asking, “How tall is Amouranth?” you now have your answer. Stick this semi-useless bit of trivia knowledge into your brain and perhaps use it the next time (or anytime, if ever) someone asks this question.

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