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Playing Valorant with your friends is perhaps the most satisfying way to experience the game. Given its cooperative nature and the advantage a cohesive, organized team can have, it’s a shame most people don’t play with their friends. Here’s how you can invite friends in your Valorant game.

How To Add Friends on Valorant

Adding a friend in Valorant

Before you can invite your pals to a Valorant lobby, you need to befriend them in the game’s system. You can do that by:

  1. Moving your mouse to the right side of the screen and opening up the Friends menu.
  2. Look at the lower section of this menu. Find the Add Friend icon.
  3. Type in your friend’s Riot ID and Tagline. Bear in mind they aren’t the same thing as their in-game nickname. Ask your friends for the specifics of their account.
  4. Send the friend request.

Inviting friends in Valorant

While this may seem like a simple action, a lot of us have trouble with it. Here’s how you can invite a friend to your Valorant game.

  • Move your mouse to the right side of the screen and open up the Party Menu.
  • Go to the Friends tab. Right-click on the friend’s name.
  • Click the Invite option.

Bear in mind that Valorant can have connectivity issues. Sometimes the part function doesn’t, well, function properly. It’s also possible you and your friends are in a different region, which would make it impossible for you to play. The Valorant servers are split into several regions and all profiles need to be part of the same locations in order to play together.

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