How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring


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Dragons are no stranger to the Soulsborne genre. Their massive stature combined with powerful attacks is enough to bring fear to those who may attempt to slay such a beast. At least for those who arrive ill-prepared for the fight.

How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring

Across the world of Elden Ring, they are plenty of dragons scattered about; some are great bosses like the Flying Dragon Agheel or the Glinstone Dragon Smarag, while others are mini-bosses designed to make the area they inhabit far more hostile.

They are practically all over the place in the map’s Caelid region, making that area much more difficult as you navigate through either fighting or avoiding such a beast.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax Overview

Ancient Dragon Lansseax
You will be face to face with this dragon twice if you’re UNlucky!

Many players might have encountered Ancient Dragon Lansseax for a brief moment in the abandoned coffins located in the Altus Plateau.

Prepare well for this startling ambush. If you fail to gather your bearings quickly, you will die a gruesome death. For this first encounter, survival should be the goal, as, after a minor skirmish, the ancient dragon Lansseax will flee. But fear not, as this optional boss will appear again in a later encounter.

This quick guide will show you how to defeat the ancient dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring when you meet him again.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Lansseax Location

As we’ve already stated earlier, your first probable encounter with this boss will occur at the abanded coffins in Altus Plateau.

To encounter this boss early, avoid using the grand lift of Decius. Instead, head into the mines inside the Ruin-Strewn Precipice. Follow the main path leading out of the abandoned coffins to go toe to toe with the dragon.

Abandoned coffin
Abandoned coffin location, the first encounter location with ancient dragon lansseax

The final battle, however, takes place on a hill, south of Rampartside Path site of grace.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax location
Second encounter and final battle location with Ancient Dragon Lansseax.

Pre-fight Preparation

Immune to various status effects, the Tarnished should be aware of the dragon’s weaknesses before taking it on.

Just like most of Elden Ring’s encounters, proper preparations should be made before taking on this boss. Here are some of our best pre-fight tips you should consider implementing:-

Prepare yourself to fight on horseback

Since this boss is highly mobile, you’d be at a huge disadvantage if you’re fighting on foot for the majority of the fight. Have Torrent whistle ready in one of the quick slots.

Take note of the dragon’s immunity to various status effects

It is also worth knowing that the Ancient Dragon Lansseax is resistant to Poison, Scarlet Rot, Hemorrhage, Frostbite, and utterly immune to the Death Blight effect. So, any weapons, incantations, spells, Spirit Ashes, or Ashes of War dealing these effects are of not much use in this fight.

Exploit its vulnerability to physical damage

While Ancient Dragon Lansseax is immune and resistant to almost all status effects, you can absolutely batter it if you have come equipped with a weapon that deals chunky physical damage.  Moonveil Katana, our favorite here at Player Assist, should be a good pick.

Of course, you can go for your own favorite.

Fight Strategy

Avoid staying in front of the boss for too long. Attack, dodge, roll. Keep moving!

You’ve come prepared and now you are face to face with the dragon. Fret not. We have got your back!

Anticipate and dodge its lightning attacks

Be wary of its lightning sword attacks, as they deal tons of damage. Thankfully, these attacks can be spotted as soon as the boss takes a step back and conjures the lightning sword. There are two ways of dodging this attack; the first would be to gain some distance away from the boss quickly.

For those who don’t know the meaning of retreat, charge ahead and get under the boss as it makes this attack.

Avoid staying in front of the boss

The second attack to look out for would be its lightning claws. Like most of the dragon-type enemies in Elden Ring, the Ancient Dragon Lensseax would use its razor-sharp claws infused with lightning to attack its enemy, usually only when its target is directly in front of the boss.

To overcome this, avoid staying in front of the boss by moving or attempting to roll out of the way to prevent it simply. Most have found it best to move under or behind it to dodge its attack.

Use your trusty mount

Like most of the dragon bosses in Elden Ring, the last notable attack would be its fire breath. The only way to avoid its fire breath is to use Torrent to gain distance quickly.

If the flame engulfs you, you may be lucky to have Torrent die in your place first. As it’s a frontal fire attack, the other ideal strategy is to get behind the boss.

Break a leg

The main attack area to target would be behind the boss. Its legs tend to be the most accessible area to hit with attacks and are typically out of danger from most of its dangerous frontal attacks.

Don’t be too aggressive 

Keep in mind that this does not mean you will be free to attack without any relocations as the dragon can stomp its legs with force, causing you to take damage. Moreover, its tail attack removes any would-be attackers from its back, so be extra cautious when approaching the Ancient Dragon Lansseax.

Don’t go for frontal attacks

You may be able to target the dragon’s face, but the risk may be far greater than any reward or damage output as you will be front and center with just about all of its attacks capable of one-tapping you.

It’s best to skirt around the boss and attack its leg.

Words of Encouragement

Like with every boss, it could prove challenging and frustrating at times. It is essential to know that it’s best to take breaks when it appears to be hopeless.

Even if you’re fully prepared for this boss, it can be a soul-crushing fight. Brace yourself for dying a gruesome death a few times.

As always, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged when you don’t complete the boss battle on your first attempt, as there are many obstacles on your way to becoming the Elden lord.


Ancient Dragon Lansseax boss fight

Upon slaying the Ancient Dragon Lansseax by whatever method you have chosen, you would get the following rewards:-

  • 63,000 Runes
  • Lansseax Glaive Incantation: Ideal for clearing large groups of enemies, this incarnation creates a large blade made of red lighting, leaving its trails for some time after you cast it.

We hope that this guide will help you vanquish the Ancient Dragon Lansseax. Did we miss out on any tips or suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section. We’re eager to hear about your experiences!

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