How to Beat Cleanrot Knight in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is known for welcoming its players with challenging enemies and boss fights. Regardless of how advanced you are in the game, you’ll never have a pushover for an opponent.

How to Beat Cleanrot Knight in Elden Ring

Cleandot Knight is one particular boss that comes to mind when mentioning the unforgiving nature of Elden Ring. The agility and strength of the Cleanrot Knight will undoubtedly instill fear in whoever crosses its path, but with the right strategy, you’ll easily breeze past the Knight.

Cleanrot Knight Overview

Cleanroot Knight
Clenrot Knights may not look as intimidating as other Elden Ring bosses, but looks can be deceiving.

Cleanrot Knights are tall knights, clad in golden armor and tuffs of crimson fur. They’re feared across the land for the devastation they can cause with their swords, spears, and scythes. 

Health Bar: It’s unclear how much HP a Cleanrot Knight has but it’s safe to say it isn’t too extensive, as it can be depleted rather quickly.

Types of Damage: Cleanrot Knights deal standard, pierce, and holy damage. They can also inflict Scarlet Rot. 

Weaknesses: Cleanrot Knights are weak to Fire and Sleep.

Weapons: Both variants of Cleanrot Knight wield a sword in their right hand but while one wields a spear in their left hand, the other wields a sickle.

Parrying: Parrying is relatively effective against most of Cleanrot Knight’s attacks. You’ll find the most luck parrying their non-magic attacks.

Elden Ring Cleanrot Knight’s Locations: Cleanrot Knights can be encountered in two locations. One will prove more challenging than the other, but that’s mostly because you’ll be fighting two Cleanrot Knights at once, instead of just one.

Here is where you can find Cleanrot Knight:

  • Stillwater Cave: Located in Liurnia of the Lakes, Stillwater Cave is overflowing with monsters and bog that can inflict poison. Be mindful of your surroundings and stock up on any items that can negate poison damage. This variant of Cleanrot Knight wields a spear.
  • Abandoned Cave: Located southeast of the Caelem Ruins, Abandoned Cave can be found east of the Smoldering Wall site of grace. It’s easier to get to the entrance on horseback, as you can double jump with Torrent. Like Stillwater Cave, you’ll need to be mindful of where you step, so as to avoid any bogs that inflict Scarlet Rot. Here, you’ll find two Cleanrot Knights, one equipped with a sickle and the other with a spear.


Due to the difference in weapons, each variant of Cleanrot Knight has a slightly different moveset. For your convenience, we’ll segregate both movesets. But, before we start, both variants share the same Scarlet Bite attack, so we’ll start with that.

  • Scarlet Bite: Cleanrot Knight spews a torrent of Scarlet Rot that covers the ground in front of it. The range of this attack is nothing special, but it can easily catch you off-guard if you step on it at a later time, as it persists for a considerable period of time.

Spear Cleanrot Knight:

  • One-Handed Combo: Cleanrot Knight starts this move with an upwards vertical slash, followed by three quick sword thrusts that lock onto you. This attack can be effectively parried, blocked, or dodged through.
  • Charged Swing: Cleanrot Knight winds up their sword and unleashes a heavy charged sword swing that rapidly closes the distance to you and often overshoots its mark. The range of this attack is fairly substantial, so take precautions when you notice the Knight winding up their sword.
  • Guard: This defensive move, where Cleanrot Knight crosses their sword and spear in front of them, can block any incoming attacks. Beware that the Knight can still attack with their sword during this stance.
  • Double Uppercut: Cleanrot Knight crouches slightly while pointing both weapons forward, then thrusts both of them upwards in an uppercut motion. This slow yet powerful attack can deal devastating damage but can be easily evaded.
  • Golden Spears: During this attack, Cleanrot Knight manifests a number of golden spears that protrude through the ground, damaging anyone that is caught in it. Keep an eye on the lit-up area on the ground, as that is where the spears will protrude from.
  • Charged Spear Thrust: Arguably Cleanrot Knight’s most vicious attack, during which, the Knight winds up their spear until it glows bright yellow, then charges toward you and attempts to impale you for a critical hit. Do note that this attack also inflicts Scarlet Rot, so evade it at all costs.

Sickle Cleanrot Knight:

  • Horizontal Swipe: Cleanrot Knight executes one or several quick horizontal slashes with their sword. This attack can be performed during a standstill or while running and can be chained to any other attack in this moveset.
  • Fading Swipe: After a quick lateral swipe, Cleanrot Knight hops backward, creating further distance between the pair of you.
  • One-Handed Combo: This attack is identical to the Spear Cleanrot Knight’s equivalent. (Refer to One-Handed Combo).
  • Versatile Sickle Sweep: The versatility and effectiveness of this move come from its wide radius. Whereby, Cleanrot Knight launches a golden blade with her sickle that traverses airborne around itself, so no matter where you are relative to the Knight, it can still hit you. That being said, the range of this attack is relatively small.
  • Golden Blades: Like the previous attack, Cleanrot Knight launches two golden blades that fly toward you, each coming from either side and crossing over each other on their way toward you. Beware that keeping your distance will trigger a chain of golden blades.

Pre-fight Preparation

Cleanrot Knight Elden Ring
Make sure that you’ve leveled up (at least 30) before going toe to toe with these knights.

Before heading into the boss fight, you’ll need to do some preparation. We can’t let you dive head-first into the unknown without any prior prep. 

Please note that these tips can, and should, be applied to all builds.

Recommended level

In our experience, level 30 will allow you to barely scrape past the sole Cleanrot Knight in Stillwater Cave. Ideally, you’ll want to level up a bit higher than 30 and perhaps double that for the duo Cleanrot Knights in Abandoned Cave.

Summon Spirit Ashes

Spirit ashes will keep the Cleanrot Knight(s) distracted and open up more opportunities for charged attacks and backstabs.

We recommend multi-unit spirit ashes such as Skeletal Militiamen and Lone Wolf Ashes. However, any spirit ashes will do the trick.

Take a torch or lantern with you to Stillwater Cave

Not only is the path to the Knight filled to the brim with monsters and bogs, but it is also dark, making it extremely difficult to see your surroundings, and therefore, difficult to avoid landing in harm’s way.

A simple light source such as a torch or lantern will be of great help to you, as you make your way to the boss fight.

Stock up on Neutralizing Boluses before going to Stillwater Cave

As stated previously, you’ll likely sustain some poison build-up and damage from the bogs, littered across your path.

Some Neutralizing Boluses could come in handy. Alternatively, if you have no Neutralizing Boluses, you could use “Flame, Cleanse Me” and Cure Poison spells to neutralize your poison build-up.

Equip a good shield

A good defensive shield will prove indispensable during your fight with Cleanrot Knight(s), especially if you’re a melee player, as it will allow you to guard counter more successfully.

Magic and ranged players will also find the shield to be extra useful against the Knight(s) various long-range attacks.

Fight Strategy

Beat Cleanrot Knight
Maintain some distance and wait for an opening, regardless of your build.

Once you’re face-to-face with the Cleanrot Knight(s), you’ll need some strategies in order to best the Knight(s).

First, we’ll start with some general tips, which apply to all builds, and then we’ll move on to melee-focused and ranged-focused strategies.

Look out for the Spear Cleanrot Knight’s golden spears attack

Keep an eye out for when the Knight starts her golden spears attacks and don’t lose track of the lit-up area on the ground.

Steer clear of the lit-up area to avoid getting caught in the spears.

Try to take out the Sickle Cleanrot Knight first in Abandoned Cave

The sickle Cleanrot Knight focuses heavily on long-range attacks, so it is recommended that you dispose of it first, and then move on to the second Cleanrot Knight.

Spirit ashes can help distract the Spear Cleanrot Knight while you battle with the Sickle-wielding Knight.

Be wary of Cleanrot Knight’s charged spear thrust

The Knight’s charged spear attack can come very suddenly and easily catch you napping. If it connects and the Knight impales you with their spear, you’ll find yourself in quite the quandary.

Stay alert at all times and react quickly to the glowing spear. 

Be mindful of the aftermath of the Knight’s Scarlet Bite attack

The aftermath of the Knight’s Scarlet Bite will leave puddles of Scarlet Rot scattered around the arena. Be wary of their existence and make sure you avoid them at all costs.

Melee Players

Aim for backstabs

Many of Cleanrot Knight’s attacks have lengthy wind-ups and recovery times, giving you ample time to set up for a backstab that will shave off a massive chunk of the Knight’s health bar.

Make use of your parries and blocks

Since most of Cleanrot Knight’s attacks can be easily parried and blocked, capitalize on that weakness by blocking and parrying whenever possible.

Guard counters can be effortlessly performed against Cleanrot Knight and successful parries can give you prime striking opportunities.

Opt for charged attacks

You should opt for charged and jumping attacks whenever possible, as the Knight’s poise can be broken without a hitch.

Pick your moments

While aggressiveness is advised, over-eagerness can place you in a spot of bother, as the Knight can shove you, therefore breaking your stance and leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

Don’t attack too constantly. Place a few heavy attacks and retreat, but not too far.

Keep circling close to the Knight

You should try to avoid Cleanrot Knight’s long-range attacks as much as possible. The easiest way to do that without placing yourself in a vulnerable situation is to keep circling around the Knight at melee range. As a melee player, this will allow you to strike at all times while keeping safe from the Knight’s long-range attacks.

Ranged Players

Don’t let either Cleanrot Knight out of your sight

Whether you’re fighting the sole Cleanrot Knight or the duo, you must keep an eye on your targets at all times. As soon as you lose track of one of them, you’ll be susceptible to abrupt flanking attacks that come out of nowhere.

Maintain constant movement

Cleanrot Knight can easily and suddenly cut the distance to you and mount an attack. As long as you keep moving and extending the distance to the Knight, you’ll negate their charging efforts and keep yourself safe from their attacks.

Make your shots count

Perhaps most importantly in your fight against Cleanrot Knight, and especially against the duo, is to make your shots count. Every cast or projectile must land. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to strike whenever the Knight’s recovering from an attack, so you’ve got no reason to rush or spam your casts. 


Upon defeating Cleanrot Knight, you’ll be entitled to some rewards. Your rewards will vary depending on the location of the boss fight.

Below is a list of the expected rewards, following the end of each boss fight.

  • Stillwater Cave: 3,300 Runes on your first playthrough, a Winged Sword Insignia, which is a talisman that can be used to raise attack power with successive attacks, the Knight’s very own sword.
  • Abandoned Cave: 7,000 Runes and a Gold Scarab, which is a talisman that can be used to increase the runes awarded after defeating enemies and bosses.

Hopefully, you’re now as well-versed and knowledgeable about the Cleanrot Knights as can be. So, with that knowledge in mind, apply the strategies discussed in this guide to defeat the sole or duo Cleanrot Knights with relative ease. Best of luck, dungeon wanderer!

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