How to Beat Rennala, Queen of Full Moon in Elden Ring


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Every Elden Ring Boss comes with certain unique facets that differentiate it from the rest of the bosses. Sometimes that unique factor is blatantly obvious while other times, it is vague and subtle.

How to Beat Rennala, Queen of Full Moon in Elden Ring

The journey to reach Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is almost as tricky and diverse as the boss fight itself, requiring you to venture through riddle-like paths and make your way to hidden locations. The fight itself is a bit trickier, requiring an astute game plan, which is exactly what this guide aims to provide you with.

Rennala, Queen of The Full Moon Overview

Rennala, Queen of full moon
Radagon’s departure left Rennala distraught and obsessed over rebirth.

As the name suggests, Rennalla is a Carian Queen; the last Carian Queen, in fact. She’s imprisoned in the grand library in Raya Lucaria Academy, where her scholars protect her at all costs and fuel her obsession over the act of rebirth.

Weaknesses: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is weak to standard, slash, pierce, and strike damage.

Elden Ring Rennala, Queen of The Full Moon’s Location: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon can be found in Raya Lucaria Academy. Here’s how you can get to the boss fight: 

Rennala location
Getting to Rennala is tricker than one would like.

First, you’ll need to be at the gate in South Raya Lucaria. Opening the gate will require a glintstone key. If you haven’t got one, teleport to Temple Quarter, which is slightly southwest of South Raya Lucaria Gate.

Once you’re there, run directly north until you reach a set of rocks. The key can be found among the items scattered around the rocks. Upon collecting the key, teleport back to South Raya Lucaria Gate and use it to unlock the gate.

Once you’re in the Academy, enter the building on the left and stand on the platform in the center of the floor. It will carry you to the upper story, where you’ll find an exit with a bridge on the other side. Cross the bridge and try to avoid any enemies you encounter.

Once you’re in the church, take the path to the left and take the first door on your left, then go right and exit through the door to your left. Follow the path and cross the wooden bridge, then take a right turn, up the hill, and keep following the path until you reach a gate, with two enemies guarding it.

Enter the gate, go up the stairs, and ride one of the elevator platforms on the right. Jump off onto the first cliff and follow the path into the building on the left. Take the door in the building and go right, then go right again once you reach a cross-section. Take both sets of stairs to reach the upper floor and follow the red carpet to the mist-blocked entrance.

Traversing the mist will initiate the boss fight.

Is Rennala a demigod?

While Rennala is not a demigod, she comes across and is treated as one, mainly by her scholars, due to the Great Rune in her possession, gifted to her by her beloved Radagon in the form of an amber egg.

Is Rennala optional?

Defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is optional, as only two shardbearers must be defeated to gain access to Leyndell. 

Pre-fight Preparation

Rennala, Queen of full moon boss fight
Magic builds are extremely ineffective against Rennala.

Before you enter the boss fight with Rennala, you’ll need to make some arrangements to prepare you for what’s to come.

What level should you be to fight Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon?

For this boss fight, you’ll need to reach at least level 40. Any lower than that and you’ll find yourself at a major disadvantage against Rennala. We also recommend that you upgrade your weapons up to at least +6.

Can you summon for Rennala?

Yes, you can summon spirit ashes for this boss fight. However, we highly advise that you save your summons until the start of the second phase.

Summon spirit ashes during the boss’ second phase

Spirit ashes will help dramatically against Rennala, as they can help stagger her and keep her distracted while you mount your attacks.

There’s no point summoning your spirit ashes during the first phase, as the boss will be disengaged for most of it.

We recommend a multi-unit spirit ashes such as the Lone Wolf Ashes, as the strength in numbers between yourself and the summoned spirits will effectively stagger the boss, leaving her no room to breathe.

Lone Wolf Ashes can be obtained for free from Renna at the church of Elleh in Limgrave, or purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold.

Equip magic resistant armor

While the boss’ magic projectiles are relatively easy to evade, on the off-chance that you do sustain damage from one of them, they can be deadly.

We recommend that you lean on the side of caution and equip a set of magic-resistant armor. There’s a wide selection of such armor sets to choose from, ranging from the Astrologer’s Set to Lusat’s Set.

Ranged players should stick to bows

Rennala’s resistance to magic can be detrimental to your efforts to take her down, as a ranged player. You will not be able to use your usual casts and incantations to deal damage to the boss. Instead, you’ll have to rely fully on your bows and any other non-magic projectiles.

If you have no decent bows, you can use Rock Sling, which is a sorcery spell that deals physical damage. Rock Sling can be found in a chest in an underground cellar just north of the Street of Sages Ruins.

Melee should use the Bloody Slash Ash of War

For most non-melee players, this boss fight will likely be the first time they’re using their melee weapons, meaning that they’ll be weak and basic. 

For best effectiveness against Rennala, you should imbue your melee weapon with the Bloody Slash Ash of War, which will exploit Rennala’s weakness to bleed damage and upgrade your melee weapon as much as possible.

Stock up on health flasks

Since mana and FP will be fairly unused throughout the entirety of this boss fight, you should stock up on health flasks, should you need them at any point during the boss fight.

Fight Strategy

Rennala, Queen of full moon fight
Rennala’s first phase is nothing but a mere precursor to the actual boss fight.

Once you are face to face with Rennala, you’ll need to concoct and apply a strategy that will allow you to get the better of the boss.

Due to the nature of this boss fight, we’ve segregated the tips into two sections, based on the phase.

First Phase

Locate the students with the glowing aura

Once you enter the boss fight, you’ll notice that Rennala is floating out of reach in a protective bubble. The bubble is manifested and maintained by the three students, who can be identified by the glowing aura around them.

Locate each student and hit them once. There’s no need to kill them, as that could backfire later on if Rennala starts using their dead bodies as projectiles.

Once you disrupt each of the three students, Rennala’s bubble will break and she will drop down on her knees.

Do as much damage to the boss as possible

While the boss is immobile on her knees, strike her as much as humanly possible until you notice a golden glow in front of her.

Try to shave off close to half of the boss’ health bar every time she drops down to her knees. Ideally, you’ll only have to do this twice or thrice.

Be Wary of the boss’ AoE blast

The second you notice a golden glow in front of Rennala while she’s down on her knees, retreat immediately in order to avoid her AoE blast.

Second Phase

Watch out for Rennala’s laser beam

The moment you enter the second phase, Rennala will launch a devastating laser beam your way. You can either rush the boss and try to attack her before the laser beam is launched or keep your distance and be ready to dodge away from the laser beam.

That being said, Rennala will use this attack beyond the start of the second phase, often multiple times at that, so be ready to evade it.

Be aggressive

Exploit Rennala’s lack of poise by mounting constant attacks alongside your spirit ashes. This will allow you to deal major damage in a short amount of time, as well as deny Rennala the opportunity to retaliate with an attack of her own.

Position the boss between you and your summoned spirit ashes

While attacking the boss, try to position her between yourself and your spirit ashes, so as to maximize your efficiency, as well as give Rennala two targets to aggro, as opposed to one.

Run or dodge to the side, away from the boss’ projectiles

Rennala will launch numerous projectiles at its targets throughout the boss fight, no matter the distance between the two.

The projectiles will also lock onto their target and home onto it. So, be ready at all times to evade Rennala’s projectiles by either running or dodging away from them at the last second.

Be wary of who is receiving aggro from the boss

Rennala can easily catch you off-guard with her homing projectiles even from a close distance. Make sure you only engage the boss from melee range when you’re certain that your spirit ashes are the ones receiving aggro, not yourself.

Ignore and evade the boss’ summons

Towards the end of the boss fight, Rennala will resort to summoning spirit ashes to assist her. They’ll only stick around for three or so attacks. Most of Rennala’s summons can be easily evaded, simply by running away from them. However, you should be aware of her fire-breathing dragon summon, which spews flames around the boss, forcing you to back away and wait until it disappears.

Keep Rennala in your line of sight at all times

At no point should you turn your back to the boss, as she will constantly launch projectiles at you and your spirit ashes.

Lock onto the boss and keep an eye on her at all times, even when you’re disengaged.

Make good use of Rennala’s lengthy moon attack

When Rennala floats in the air and creates a moon, you can back away and heal your HP, take a breath, or do whatever you want, as Rennala’s moon attack has an extremely small reach and takes a remarkably long time to perform.


Upon defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, the game will reward you with the following items:

  • 40,000 Runes
  • Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen: A consumable item that can be used to obtain Rennala’s Full Moon sorcery spell or a Carian Regal Scepter glintstone staff.
  • Great Rune of the Unborn: A Great Rune that is used to perfect rebirth.

Do you have to beat Rennala to respec?

Beating Rennala and obtaining the Great Rune of the Unborn is only one of the two requirements needed to respec your character. The second requirement is finding a Lavar Tear.

And with that, we urge you to make your way to Raya Lucaria Academy and take on Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Implement the strategies and tips bestowed upon you in this guide and watch Rennala crumble right in front of your very eyes. So long dungeon wanderer and good luck!

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