How to Beat Sanguine Noble in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is a game with no shortage of challenges. From Shardbearers to optional field bosses, you’ll always have an obstacle ahead. 

How to Beat Sanguine Noble in Elden Ring

One of Elden Ring’s many optional bosses, Sanguine Noble, can crush you in seconds with its assassination arts. With the right approach, however, you’ll defeat it with ease! 

Sanguine Noble Overview

Sanguine Noble
Sanguine Noble might look like an easy enemy to conquer, but you need to be well aware of its attacking patterns.

Sanguine Noble is known to have fast attacks up its sleeve, which will build up bleed damage. Proficient in blood magic, this powerful assassin serves the Lord of Blood. Sanguine Noble can be found as a boss, NPC invader, and regular enemy throughout the Lands Between. 


The boss version of the Sanguine Noble will have around 3000 HP. You only need to worry about 1 health bar, and there are no additional phases. The other versions may have different HP. 

Types of damage

Sanguine Noble can inflict standard and piercing damage. However, its deadliest damage is “Bleed”, causing blood loss in a few attacks.


It is weak against parries and critical attacks once you break its poise. Sanguine Noble can be further weakened by causing bleed damage as well.


Most of Noble’s attacks can be parried, but be careful of his dizzying speed as he can also parry your attacks. 

Sanguine Noble Locations

  • Altus Plateau: In the cellar of Writheblood Ruins is the boss version. 
  • Consecrated Snowfields: West of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, just North of the Yelough Anix Ruins. The invader version of Sanguine Noble will be waiting for you. 
  • Mohgywn Palace: You will find the regular enemy version lumbering around somewhere in the palace.
  • Liurnia of the Lakes: Sanguine Noble can be found lurking around in the vicinity of the Rose Church.  


  • Blood Puddles: Be wary of Sanguine Noble’s Blood puddles as getting in contact with these puddles will build up Bleed. They can be avoided easily as they’re visible on the ground.
  • Dagger Parry: With the dagger raised in the left hand, it waits for an attack and parries you. Then it goes for a frontal stab, causing huge Bleed build-up. Don’t melee attack when the dagger is lifted; only use ranged attacks.
  • Dagger Throw: A projectile attack in which Sanguine Noble hurls the dagger from its left hand. This throw only comes into play when there is some distance between you and the boss. Fret not, though. You should be able to roll dodge it. 
  • Leaping Thrust: A gap-closing sword thrust, followed by other attacks. While roll dodge is a good defense, it can be hard to predict. 

Pre-fight Strategy

Sangunine Noble Elden Ring
Pack some Stanchin Boluses to prevent Sanguine Noble from chipping away at your HP.

Let’s look at the strategies that will give you an edge in the fight. 

Bring Stanching Boluses

If you’re not careful in maintaining your distance, expect a lot of Bleed build-up. Even if you’ve mastered parrying, blocking, and dodge rolling, it’s a good idea to pack some Staunching Boluses—a consumable item that helps eliminate the blood loss effect caused by Sanguine Noble.

You can buy it from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold after offering Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing. It can also be crafted. 

Equip one-handed weapon

If you use a melee build, you’ll need to use a one-handed weapon or an ax to land attacks. With two-handed weapons, the Sanguine Noble can easily dodge attacks or strike you before you get a chance. Our suggestion would be to go with Hand of Malenia, a one-handed katana for anyone rocking a Samurai Build. 

Upgrade your flasks 

Upgrading your flasks might be a cliche suggestion, but leveled-up HP and FP bars will certainly come in handy here. Of course, don’t go all out and embark on a quest to max out your HP and FP. That would ruin the experience.  

Invest in dexterity

Users with a dex build will find it easier to dodge and land attacks. If you are struggling against the boss, you can invest more points into dex to get some advantage. 

Don light armor 

Since Sanguine Noble is quick on his feet, you’ll need to be as well. Use light armor, so you can maintain your stamina while you dodge, parry, and block your way to victory. 

Take a lantern with you

Writheblood Ruins, the area where you’ll find Sanguine Noble, is dark, making it hard to anticipate movements. If you take a lantern, the surrounding area will illuminate, making it easier to go toe-to-toe with him.

Fighting Strategy

Sanguine boss
Don’t be baited into pre-mature attacks. Be patient and wait for an opening.

Your fight against the regular field boss will be easy. Much of your trouble, however, will be against the Invader and the Boss version. 

One general tip is to take the fight slowly. You don’t want to rush into attacks as the boss can easily punish you for poor timing. 

Another tip to consider is creating distance when hit. You don’t want to bear the brunt of his combos as that will build up the bleed-meter quickly.

Melee Users

Be wary of its parry stance

Don’t engage in battle when the Sanguine Noble is holding up its dagger. A majority of your attacks will get parried, and you will be punished with a deadly stab.

Slowly chip away 

Melee players tend to spam attacks whenever they see an opening. Unfortunately, that tactic will not work here because most of Sanguine Noble’s attacks will be faster than yours. It can easily interrupt your attack and catch you in a long combo chain. So, it’s best to stay patient, look for an opening, and chip away at his health bar, one attack at a time. 

Observe his attacks carefully

Many of its attacks can be avoided through dodge roll. You just need to keep a close eye on its stance and look out for slashes.  

Try to parry the attacks

Sanguine Noble has some easy-to-parry up its sleeve. Not only that, the boss can be staggered as well. Combine both to land critical attacks.

Magic and Ranged Users

Unfortunately, ranged or magic users don’t get an edge in battle because of the boss’s various gap-closing moves. 

Use potent spells

You don’t want to give the Sanguine Noble any chance to land attacks. Use one of your powerful spells, such as the Comet Azur, to take it down immediately. Otherwise, you will get caught up in the blood pools, and quickly the fight will get messy.

Remain defensive 

At a range, you should always be ready to roll. Because of its dagger throws and fast thrust attacks, Sanguine Noble can dish out significant damage to ranged players. So, be prepared to dodge roll at any second. Only attack when it stops performing moves. 


All battles in Elden Ring leave players with rewards. Here is what you can expect after beating Sanguine Noble in the battle at different locations. 

  • Writheblood Ruins: 8800 Runes.
  • Consecrated Snowfields: Sanguine Noble Set and Furlcalling Finger Remedy.
  • Rose Church and Mohgwyn Palace: 15% chance of dropping Bloodrose. 

With that, you know everything to defeat Sanguine Noble in battle. It might be a frustrating fight, but you will certainly overcome it with the right tactics. 

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