How to Beat the Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen


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Learn what works against one of the toughest bosses, the Spurned Progeny, in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Beat the Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is a soulslike RPG game developed by Hexworks and published by CI Games. Like other soulslike games, Lords of the Fallen inevitably requires players to battle against increasingly deadly and powerful enemies and bosses.

The Spurned Progeny is one of the largest and toughest bosses you will fight against in the game. And what makes it even worse is that this boss is not among the optional bosses—meaning you must defeat this boss to advance in the game.

This quick guide will show you some tricks to defeat this mandatory colossal boss and gain access to the Upper Calrath area in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to Beat the Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

Spurned Progeny Location

You will encounter the Spurned Progeny right as you enter the Upper Calrath plaza near the end of the Calrath Slums. The boss will be sitting at the center of the plaza, blocking you from advancing past this juncture unless you defeat the boss.

There is a shortcut to this boss near the Vestige of Blind Agatha. However, the shortcut will require you to fight through the burning city and kick a ladder down to the left of the Vestige. Climb the ladder and ascend to the top of the tower straight ahead. From there, you must consecutively phase in and out of the Umbral Realm to cross gaps and pass through various doors.

Once you reach the tower’s top, a road will lead directly to the plaza. There is an Umbral Flowerbed near the entrance of the plaza. You may place a Vestige Seed here to rest at this location before entering the boss fight.

First Phase of the Spurned Progeny Boss Fight

A screenshot of the Spurned Progeny phase one boss fight in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Joe Hammer Gaming / YouTube

The first phase of the boss fight will occur on the plaza grounds. The Spurned Progeny will have a limited and repetitive move set in this phase. Although this is the simpler phase, you must stay quick on your feet as the boss is still surprisingly fast with its attacks.

  • Ground Slam: The Spurned Progeny slams its behind on the ground in a sitting position. This attack will usually come right after it straightens in an upright position. When you see this, move to the side of its back to avoid the attack.
  • Fist Slam: It slams its two fists on the ground before it. Go near its hind legs to avoid getting hit by this attack.
  • Claw: The Spurned Progeny raises its claws and slashes the area directly in front. Simply dodge to the side to avoid it.
  • Claw Sweep: Similar to the Claw attack, it slashes its claws across an area in a large AOE attack.

Second Phase of the Spurned Progeny Boss Fight

A screenshot of the Spurned Progeny phase two boss fight in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Joe Hammer Gaming / YouTube

The second phase of the boss fight will begin as soon as the Spurned Progeny loses 1/3 of its health. From here, he will stand for a few seconds and begin to vomit magma, covering the entire plaza grounds into a molten pit. You need to rush to higher ground to avoid getting burned quickly.

You will need to focus on attacking its arms once this phase begins, as it is impossible to reach its feet. This area will also be much smaller than the plaza grounds, so you will have fewer opportunities to attack it. The Spurned Progeny will have a different move set during phase two.

  • Ignite AOE Slam: The Spurned Progeny will produce a third arm from its mouth and slam its hand on the ground, producing a large wave of fire. Once you see this move, immediately distance yourself from the boss as much as possible.
  • Bubbling Magma and Magma Rain: It will use its third arm to slowly build up magma that will eventually explode and cause large balls of magma to rain down onto the platform. As soon as the Progeny is building up the magma, move towards the further areas of the platform.
  • Ignite Burst: The Spurned Progeny will bend its head towards the platform and shoot its third arm from its mouth to grab you. This can occur more than once. When it does this attack, quickly dodge away from the third arm.
  • Third Arm Fire Orb Blast: Similar to the Bubbling Magma attack, the boss will grow a large orb of fire that will burst into a blinding light. Once you see this orb build up, quickly head towards the terraces and take cover.

Best strategy in Beating the Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

To defeat this colossal boss, you must familiarize yourself with its attack patterns. During the first phase, you must attack his legs and stay near him while carefully avoiding his attacks. To proceed to the second phase, you must get his health down to 1/3.

Phase two will be a lot trickier as you will need ranged weapons and spells to hit him unless it deliberately comes close to attacking you. You must also play around the terraces near the plaza to avoid getting burned with his large AOE attack.

During phase two, the best time to make a counterattack against the Spurned Progeny is when it does its third-arm attack or hand slam attack since there will be a couple of seconds before it launches its next move.

Once its health bar becomes low, the lava covering the plaza grounds will eventually disappear, and you can go back to attacking its legs just like in the first phase.

Defeating the Spurned Progeny will reward you with a hefty amount of Vigor, the Giant Eyeball, and the Flesh of the Spurned Progeny.

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