How To Find Hardwood in Coral Island


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Learn where you can find Hardwood on Coral Island!

How To Find Hardwood in Coral Island

Coral Island is teeming with resources used to craft objects essential for your tropical farming needs. Hardwood is used for various purposes like crafting, upgrading tools, and improving farm buildings, but it is not easily obtained in the early parts of the game. 

If you’re running low on hardwood and want to know where to get more, you’re in the right place! We will gladly show you where you can farm hardwood in Coral Island.

Coral Island Hardwood Locations

In Coral Island, wood is sourced from wild trees. But hardwood is usually obtained from chopping thicker and larger logs. Here’s where you can find trees that yield hardwood:

Starlet Town Farm

An image of the farmer standing in front of a fallen tree log on her property.

The huge plot of land on your farm can give you plenty of resources at the start, including Large Logs that drop hardwood. However, using a Basic Axe, Copper, or Silver Axe to break them is ineffective.

Since Hardwood is much more durable than regular wood, you can only break a large log with a Gold and Osmium Axe. But it’s worth noting that you can only upgrade your silver axe to a gold axe if you have a few pieces of hardwood.

An image of the farmer standing near a tree log blocking a path in Coral Island.

Thankfully, you can find large logs that serve as obstacles blocking some paths in Starlet Town. Unlike the ones on your farm, you can break the large logs outside your property with a silver axe. Chopping them down with a silver axe allows you to unlock some areas that can’t be accessed in the early game.

Getting a Silver Axe

To get a silver axe, go to the Blacksmith Shop and give Pablo or Rafael 5 Silver Bars, 20 pieces of wood, and 3,000 Coral Coins. Silver bars are crafted by smelting 5 Silver Ores and one piece of Coal.

If you haven’t found any silver ores, keep descending in the Cavern until you unlock the Water Mine, the level after the Earth Mine.

Additional Tip: Alternatively, you can use an Explosive to blow up the large logs on your property to get hardwood. Explosives are handy consumable tools that can be useful for clearing up your farm.

The Deep Forest

An screen capture of the farmer chopping a large log in the deep forest.
Source: ageotime (YouTube)

Wild trees that drop wood can regrow if you plant their seedlings on the farm. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with large logs. They don’t respawn days or months after you chop them down.

So, what should you do if you run out of large tree logs to chop? You may head to the Deep Forest in Starlet Town.

The Forest is the area behind your farm where plenty of wild trees spawn and regrow after getting logged. Large logs are found in the deep section of the woods. It is sadly inaccessible at first but can be unlocked once you complete six offerings or six bundles in the Lake Temple.

Note that hardwood can also be purchased from the Carpenter Shop. But it will not be available in the shop until your Town reaches Rank B.

Enhancing your skills

One of the skills you can learn in the Player Skill Tree allows you to acquire hardwood from chopping trees. The skill is called Exceptional Cutter. It’s a Tier II skill that gives you a 2% chance of getting hardwood from cutting down a Mature Tree.

Regular wild trees become mature at the final stage of their growth, so it will take a while before they can produce hardwood, should you have the skill.

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Hardwood Uses

An image of the farmer standing near the oil press on her Starlet Town farm.
Source: LADY MADCRAB (YouTube)

Crafting: Hardwood is used to craft objects that can make you money. Aging Barrels and Oil Presses are artisan machines made with this material. Also, there are five types of scarecrows you can’t craft without hardwood.

Farming Tool Upgrades: As noted earlier, hardwood is essential for upgrading your farming tools. You’ll need this item for a gold and osmium-quality scythe, hoe, pickaxe, axe, fishing pole, and bug net.

Structure Upgrades: When you ask Dinda and Joko to upgrade your Coop and Barn, you’ll also need hardwood.


Coral Island is a relaxing game, but it also challenges players to manage their time and resources efficiently. A basic resource like hardwood is indeed vital for the game’s progression. Hardwood is one of the ingredients used in making profitable artisan machines. It’s also essential for improving the quality of your farm buildings and tools. 

Upgrading your axe and completing offerings in the Lake Temple allows you to access the deep forest, where you can find enough hardwood. It’s important to gather hardwood early as it enables you to enhance your farming capabilities and advance the overall storyline in the game.

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