How To Catch the Asian Sheepshead in Coral Island


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Despite being rare, the Asian Sheepshead can be easily caught if you follow the fishing tips we have for you in this Coral Island guide.

How To Catch the Asian Sheepshead in Coral Island

The Asian Sheepshead is a crimson-colored saltwater fish rarely found in the waters of Coral Island. And like most creatures that are hard to come by in the game, there are several factors you’re required to have to encounter the Asian Sheepshead. Here’s how you can boost your chances of obtaining this elusive fish!

Where to Catch the Asian Sheepshead

A screenshot of the Starlet Town map in Coral Island.

The Asian Sheepshead is only available on Coral Island in the Winter season. It spawns in the Ocean Forest. To get there, head to the left-hand exit of your farm and continue walking until you come across a stream of water with some ancient standing stones placed on top of boulders.

Winter may be the only season the Asian Sheepshead appears on the island. Fortunately, you can encounter it anytime or in any weather conditions. 

Fishing Tips

A screenshot of the player catching the Asian Sheepshead in the Ocean Forest.
Source: PoomUPZ (YouTube)

Many players find fishing in the game a fun and peaceful activity. But it can be arduous to some because of the mechanics involved. These tips below can help you increase your likelihood of obtaining the rare Asian Sheepshead:

Get an Upgraded Fishing Pole

Having an enhanced Fishing Pole can dramatically lower the difficulty of the fishing mini-game. With an upgraded fishing pole, you can cast your rod farther from the shore, reel in fish faster, and get fish with better quality. And, if you use the best pole, the Osmium fishing pole, acquiring the Asian Sheepshead becomes much easier. Collecting plenty of Kelp is recommended as you can turn it into Kelp essence, a material used to upgrade your fishing pole.

Use the Sturdy Computer

The Sturdy Computer has a handy Forecasting feature, which shows you a list of sea creatures you’ll most likely encounter on Coral Island throughout the day. This advanced equipment can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re hunting for a rare fish, as it provides information about the creature’s availability and exact location.

Practice Fishing Often

While it may be a clichéd tip, getting used to the game’s fishing mechanics can greatly help you catch fish faster. By consistently fishing, you can develop a sense of timing to improve your performance. Not only will your in-game character gain fishing proficiency, but you’ll also be able to refine your coordination and reflexes in real life. So, just keep fishing until you enjoy it and no longer find it tedious.

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Asian Sheepshead Uses

A screenshot of the player donating items to the Starlet Town museum,

Catching this elusive fish is a challenging but profitable endeavor, but it also has various other uses, which is why it’s worth getting more than once. Here are some of the things you can do after catching the Asian Sheepshead:

Lake Offering: Offer the Asian Sheepshead to the Lake Temple to unlock secret areas in Starlet Town and get valuable rewards. The Salt Water Fish Offering bundle in the Catch Altar requires this fish of any quality.

Museum Donation: You can donate this rare fish to the museum to improve the establishment and acquire rewards.

Gifting: The Asian Sheepshead is a favorite of Bree and Eleanor.

Fish Pond: You can raise this slippery saltwater fish in a pond.

Selling: If you have the Crop Price skill, you can earn 438 coins for selling an Osmium-quality Asian Sheepshead.


The Asian Sheepshead is one of the most sought-after fish on Coral Island. But it isn’t every day you’ll be able to encounter one and, even more so, successfully catch it. Mastering fishing in farming sims like Coral Island requires a mix of patience and skill. Using upgraded fishing apparatus to catch rare or legendary fish is also important. And, of course, if you have a Sturdy Computer, don’t forget to utilize it to get detailed info on the whereabouts of the creatures you’re trying to catch.

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