How To Complete the “Meet Me At the Beach” Quest in Coral Island



Wondering how to complete the “meet me at the beach” letter quest in Coral Island? Here’s how to do it.

How To Complete the

Coral Island is filled with all sorts of mysteries. On the island, numerous solvable mysteries and puzzles await you. Sometimes, these mysteries will unlock as you progress through the story or reach certain milestones.

Other times, you must unlock and solve these mysteries through quests. One is the “Meet me at the beach” quest, a.k .a. the Mysterious Letter quest.

Along your playthrough, you will discover a mysterious letter inside your mailbox. It is meant for you, but the letter is unsigned and sent from an anonymous person. Although the contents say that the sender requests to meet with you at a specific time, it doesn’t say the purpose, let alone why.

If you’ve received a similar letter in your mailbox in Coral Island, then this quide will show you how to complete the Mysterious Letter quest.

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How To Complete the “Meet Me At the Beach” Quest in Coral Island

How to trigger the Mysterious Letter quest

Although the Mysterious Letter quest will automatically trigger as you progress through the story, you can manually trigger it by simply gaining approval from Suki. Raising your approval with the Townies will slowly build your relationship with them and earn you various rewards and letters, including your relationship with Suki.

Once you reach at least two hearts with Suki, the quest will be triggered, and you will receive a Mysterious Letter inside your mailbox. The letter will appear in your mail the same day you reach the two-heart milestone with Suki. However, if the letter doesn’t appear immediately, you may simply sleep through the night, and you should see the letter in the mail the following morning.

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You may also re-read the letter anytime by accessing your in-game journal. To access your journal, press the J key on your keyboard or open your inventory and navigate to the Journal tab. Your Journal will contain every letter you’ve received so far.

Who sent the Mysterious Letter?

A screenshot of the contents of the Mysterious Letter in Coral Island.
Source: KDZone / Youtube

The contents of the Mysterious Letter are pretty vague:

“[Player Name], meet me at the beach west of the diving spot tomorrow evening. See you at 6 pm.”

At first, it may seem suspicious, as you suddenly receive a Mysterious Letter from an anonymous sender, but you have nothing to fear. This is simply a letter from Suki, one of the 25 marriage candidates in Coral Island. And if you have plans on romancing Suki, then you must complete this quest to progress your relationship with her.

Going to the Beach

Although the letter specifically says that you are to meet with the sender the following evening, you don’t necessarily have to do it in that time frame. Heart events may be triggered on a different day if you’ve triggered the initial quest requirement.

In this case, the quest is simply to have a two-heart friendship with Suki. You don’t have to worry if you miss your chance to go to the meeting spot by 6 pm the following evening. You can still trigger the heart event by going to that specific location at 6 pm on another day.

A screenshot of the intro of Suki's two-heart event in Coral Island.
Source: SlothMammoth / Youtube

If you’re ready to meet with Suki, head to the beach west of the diving spot—exactly like what it says in the letter. There are two ways to get to this location: fast travel to the diving pier shrine or use your farm’s southern exit and turn right.

Triggering the Heart Event

Once you get to that beach area, Suki’s two-heart event will automatically be triggered, and a scene will play out. As you arrive, you will find Suki and Ben chatting on the beach, waiting for you.

A screenshot of Suki's dialogue in Coral Island.
Source: SlothMammoth / Youtube

Suki and Ben will casually greet you, and Suki will apologize for forgetting to sign the letter. Ben will then ask how things are going along with you. As the dialogue ends, all three of you will approach the shoreline and watch the sunset just as the cutscene ends—marking the end of the quest about the Mysterious Letter.

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