How To Change Armor Stats in New World with Faction Seals



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It seems like New World is much more in-depth that many had anticipated, including myself. In addition to the gems, that you might find on armor pieces, there are also what are known as faction seals. These faction seals give out additional attributes to your armor. They can be applied to it. So, to get the most out of your gear, we’ll talk about how to change armor stats in New World with faction seals.

How To Change Armor Stats in New World with Faction Seals

Change Armor Stats with Faction Seals – New World

Apparently, the absolute most that you can get out of your armor is with a faction seal. At the vendor for your faction, you might come across these, and judging by how much they improve your gear, they’re dirt cheap.

We believe that all faction seals cost 100 faction tokens, but with this game, as the UI tends to be problematic, we might be wrong. But in general, that’s most of what of the seals will cost.

To get them, simply go to your faction armory, and in the adept tab, you’ll see most faction seals.

Now, there are different kinds of seals like: Occultist, Cleric, Brigand, Barbarian, and so on. Each of them will give you different stats like dexterity, intelligence, strength and others.

Honestly, it is a great way to update your armor, and all in all an interesting mechanic. To equip these things though, you’ll have to go to the particular working station for the type of gear you have. For example, if you have heavy gear, then go to the Forge.

There, you will need to unequip the armor. Once you’ve done that, you can now open up the workstation, and click on a particular armor piece. It will show what it will craft, a combination of the armor piece and the seal itself.

Be careful about gems. Gems will disappear after crafting the particular item in question. So, if you have gems that want to put on your armor, do it after you have applied the seal.

Most of the faction armors do come with gems, but there is really nothing you can do to stop it from destroying the gem when crafted.

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