How To Heal With Life Staff Build in New World


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While I’m not really a fan of a supportive role on a team, I’ve always had huge respects for healers whether they’re on my team or not. It is a very unique playstyle which requires a lot of skill, no doubt. As New World is close to the horizon, we thought it be best to help out some healer mains out there. What follows is a guide on how to heal with Life Staff build in New World!

How To Heal With Life Staff Build in New World

New World – How To Heal With Life Staff Build

If you even played New World for a couple of minutes you might get the gist of it, especially how complicated it is. This is not to say that the game in general is complicated, but the way things are done.

Compared to other games, the UI is very different, and the way of doing things is completely different. Nevertheless, let’s get to how to heal with a Life Staff build in New World:

  • Gear. The main priority for you gear should be, that it has a lot of focus. That’s it. Focus is the main and best attribute for healing, so the more gear with Focus on it, the better off you will be.
  • Attributes. Of course, the theme continues with attributes as well. Ignore most attributes except Focus. As you increase it, there are some bonkers stat improvements you will get.
  • Weapon Mastery. Right out of the gate, get Sacred Ground as fast as possible, then, go for Holy Ground as well. Other mentions are Absolved, Blissful Touch, Splash of Light, Divine Embrace, Sacred Protection, Intensify, Enchanted Justice.
  • Consumables and buffs. Get as many consumables that increase mana regen and restore mana potions. As you might know, healing is really mana-heavy.
  • Some tips. If you’re running with a premade squad, coordinate so that all of the players are at one spot. This way, when you use holy ground, you heal the majority of the team. It is also a good idea for you, the healer, to stand in it, as it regenerates mana as well.

Overall, this is a more AOE healing build, something we know that in New World is highly overpowered at the moment.

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