How To Complete Starktech Outfits Mission In Marvel’s Avengers


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Marvel’s Avengers narrative and mission style are relatively unchangeable. The missions are the same style, and that isn’t to say that it is boring or bland.

How To Complete Starktech Outfits Mission In Marvel's Avengers

On the contrary, the game has made a unique style of challenging quests and hidden collectibles. But the Startech Outfits mission is very different from your usual activities in the game. This quest is all about finding different kinds of materials and resources you need to make the Starktech Outfits.

Because very different materials need to be found, we will tell you how to complete the Starktech Mission.

Starktech Outfits Misson – How To Complete

The plot of the mission is happening mostly in Utah Badlands. You need to find and defeat certain mobs that drop different kinds of resources.

You can find the mobs in other locations too, rather than just in Utah Badlands. However, the easiest way is there. Three different mobs need to be defeated:

  • Riotbots – Drop: Optic Decoders
  • Prime Synthoids – Drop: Energy Amplifiers
  • Synthoids – Drop: Memory Chips

Steps to complete Starktech Outfits Mission:

  1. Start the mission Our Town. This mission will be available once you get the Starktech Outfits mission. All of the needed mobs can be found on this mission.

  2. Next is defeating the Riotbots. These mobs are very frequent in Our Town. However, their drop rate is very low, so you might have to execute a lot before getting all the materials.

  3. After that, you need to get 20 memory chips from Synthoids. They will attack you a little later in the mission when you are underground in the base.

  4. Their drop is frequent, so you will get them fast. If you don’t get all 20, you can get the remaining parts on a different level.

  5. Lastly, it would be best if you fought Prime Synthoids. You can find them in the hallway or the turbine room. They spawn in the turbine room if you break a turbine. Materials from these bots are easily attainable, so you would have to fight only a few.

  6. After acquiring all the needed parts, the Starktech Outfits Mission is successfully passed.

One thing to note is that it is probably the best idea to get all the materials from the Riotbots first. So, make sure you get all the Optic Decoders before you continue to the base. Good luck!

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