Marvel’s Avengers Chimaera Intermission All Collectibles And Chests Locations


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Like any other mission in Marvel’s Avengers, the Chimaera Intermission has some chests and collectibles.

Marvel's Avengers Chimaera Intermission All Collectibles And Chests Locations

What is the Chimaera?

The Chimaera is a reference to the helicarrier. The helicarrier is the headquarters of the Avengers. It is a ship where you plan out all your missions, assemble all the avengers, and customize. With collecting the Avengers, you also build up your base. In order words, you improve and make additions to it.

Inside it, you will find the war room or war table from where you start all your missions and quests. The Chimaera Intermission is a mission close to the beginning of the game. There is some loot to be gained, so you need to know all collectibles and chest locations.

All Collectibles And Chests Locations On Chimaera Intermission

The loot that can be attained from this mission is not as exciting as some of the game’s later tasks, but this is because it is a starting mission.

Which are the locations to the chests and collectibles?

Hardened Chests

As far as chests go, on this mission, you will find seven chests. Because they’re hardened chests, they are easily spotted. Roam around the base before finishing the assignment because some chests are located further than others.

Chests are mostly next to walls, behind pillars and doors, on higher ground, and elsewhere. Sadly, there are no golden chests on this mission. Also, take a look into harder to spot areas because sometimes there might be chests there.

Hulk Comic

In the HQ, find a giant staircase. In front of it, there is an old war-table looking object which is covered with a sheet. The left of that staircase is two doors. Activate the right door. Inside on the working table is a Hulk Comic.

Even though the loot is not that great, there are still resources that can be gained from this. Resources can be used to upgrade gear, artifacts, and other items in the game.

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