How to Complete The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp Request (Request 20) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus



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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the old times in the Pokemon world at a time when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the land of the Hisui region, known as the Sinnoh region in modern times, you’ll join the Galaxy Expedition Team (or just Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every species of Pokémon from the Hisui region to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Complete The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp Request (Request 20) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Galaxy Team will task the player to do missions in the game. Additionally, various people will also ask for help from the player in the form of requests. One of these requests is Request 20, titled ‘The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp.’ In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete ‘The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp’ request.

The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp

To unlock this request, the player must first complete ‘The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods’ mission (the seventh mission in the game), where the player must quell the Noble Kleavor’s frenzy.

After that, you can now start this request. To do that, head to the back of the house just across the Pastures in Jubilife Village, and you will find a woman in a pink kimono named Paira. Talk to her, and she will tell the player that she saw a will-o’-the-wisp in the Obsidian Fieldlands. It leaped towards her while she was walking on Windswept Run at night. Then, a kid in blue clothes named Waka will appear and start dismissing his big sister’s story as just some fairy tale. He will then say that he’ll only believe her when she shows the will-o’-the-wisp to him then runs away. Because of this, Paira will ask the player to catch the will-o’-the-wisp and bring it to her. And, just like that, the request has started!

To complete this request, the player must catch the “will-o’-the-wisp” that Paira saw in the Obsidian Fieldlands. To do this, this is what the player must do:

  1. Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands and wait until nightfall in any of the camps (the Heights Camp is closest to the area on the next step).
  2. Then, head to the east of Windswept Run (to find the area easier, follow the quest marker, which you can turn on by pressing the – button to open the map, pressing the Y button to open Missions & Requests, and pressing the A button on the request).
  3. Upon arriving at the location, interact and investigate the tree. Then, a cutscene will play where the ‘will-o’-the-wisp’ that Paira found was a Chimchar, and this Chimchar is now at the top of the tree.
  4. The Chimchar will then drop down from the tree and engage in a battle with the player. This is now your chance to catch it. Catch the Chimchat by weakening it through attacks and status effects. Be careful not to defeat it, or you will restart back to the previous step, where you have to investigate the tree.
  5. After catching the Chimchar, head back to Jubilife Village, go to Paira, still in the same area where you found her before, and talk to her. 
  6. Show her the Chimchar you just caught, the Chimchar will go up to the nearest tree, and Paira will realize that the will-o’-the-wisp she found before was a Pokemon all along. She will then say that she would have to explain to her little brother Waka that the will-o’-the-wisp she found was a Pokemon all along, and she is not looking forward to that conversation. However, after that, Waka will appear, see the Chimchar at the top of the tree, and think that it is a will-o’-the-wisp. He will then run in fear and shout for his older sister to save him.
  7. After that (and without saying anything), Paira will reward the player with two Exp. Candy S, for your efforts.

Now that you have completed the ‘The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp’ Request, you can now try to complete other requests, complete missions, or complete Arceus’ task for you, which is to catch ’em all!

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