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Ever since the new 1.19 update in Minecraft, the Wild Update, many new things have been added for players to discover within the game. This update will feature ancient cities, new flora, terrain, and the most powerful mob in the game, the warden. But the true terror of this status effect comes only because of one specific reason: the presence of the warden. The gravity of the darkness effect will be felt as soon as it takes effect as it will drastically darken the player’s field of vision, making it almost impossible to see anything in front of the player.

How To Counter Darkness Effect in Minecraft

Once the sculk shrieker and the warden apply this effect, even sunlight wouldn’t help you see through the darkness that will envelop you. However, even when the darkness effect is quite difficult to handle in the latest Minecraft update, you can still use certain tips to help lighten or even counter the new status effect in the game. This guide will teach you the five things you can do to counter the darkness effect in Minecraft 1.19.

What is the Darkness Effect in Minecraft 1.19?

The darkness effect is a brand new status effect that has been added along with the latest Minecraft 1.19 update, the Wild. It is a status effect that will cause the player’s vision to deteriorate and drastically limit their field of vision temporarily. This status effect will only be caused by activating a sculk shrieker or by being within the range of detection of the warden. Being inflicted with the darkness effect will significantly affect the player’s vision, making them unable to see things from a distance.

5 Best Ways to Counter the Darkness Effect in Minecraft 1.19

5. Bring and use torches

While players explore the deep dark biome in Minecraft 1.19, they must never forget to leave a trail of torches wherever they go. This does mean that this method can only be applied to this specific biome, but it should be true for all players who venture inside caves and caverns in Minecraft. But for the deep dark biome specifically, this method can counter the darkness effect in such a way that the only thing that you will see besides darkness is the light of the torches you’ve placed around to help guide you safely out of the danger area and ultimately, away from the warden. Consequently, players must also avoid placing down torches while the warden is around because doing so creates noise that will alert the warden to your location. So the best option for you is to place the torches around even before the warden spawns.

4. Let the status effect pass

Like all the other status effects in the game, the darkness status effect is no exception to the rule that nothing stays permanent when inflicted on the player. While you are under the darkness effect, you will notice that the effect will weaken from time to time and allow slight vision to see where you are going. With this in mind, you can use this to your advantage by planning and thinking about the route you will take to ensure you will escape successfully. Planning accordingly will not only help you escape unharmed, but it will also guide you to the right path if you ever plan to come back to the deep dark biome again. But aside from that, you may also stay in a corner and crouch quietly while allowing the darkness status effect to pass before taking any other action. Doing so will ensure that the warden will never locate your position and secure your escape afterward.

3. Try to sneak away

In Minecraft 1.19, there are about two ways in which players can obtain the darkness status effect: either through a sculk shrieker block or through the warden. If the warden is nearby, the darkness status effect will not subside and will continue to be inflicted on the player. Therefore, the best course of action is to move away from the warden as far as possible. The warden will apply the darkness effect for 34 seconds if the player is within its 30-block radius. So you should immediately crouch and move away once the warden spawns near you to remove the darkness status effect.

2. Drink a potion of night vision

Another option to counter the darkness status effect—and arguably the best way to counter it—is by drinking a potion of night vision as soon as the status ailment takes effect. The night vision potion is directly opposite to what the darkness effect will do to players and will help players see in the dark. And since both the effects counter each other, you will be able to see a small area around yourself, and it will help you navigate your way around easily.

1. Destroy the sculk shriekers

The best thing you can do—albeit the most important method to prevent the darkness status from taking effect—is to break all of the sculk shrieker blocks you can find inside the deep dark biome. Because of the sculk shrieker block’s ability to inflict the darkness status effect on players, destroying them will not only prevent the block from applying it on you but also prevent the warden from spawning altogether. Do note, however, that players should always be aware of other sculk shrieker blocks when attempting to destroy one. Doing any action, including jumping, running, and destroying blocks, will create noise and ultimately alert the sculk shrieker blocks to initiate the spawn of the warden. So if you were to strategically break all of these blocks in such a way that you would not create any noise, you would not become inflicted with the darkness status effect.

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