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HBO Max may be hard at work adapting The Last of Us, but Amazon was able to secure rights to make an adaptation of Fallout. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an update on the project, but now we have some new cast members announced.

Fallout Series Casts Kyle MacLachlan

As per Variety, Kyle MacLachlan (Dune, How I Met Your Mother) has joined the Fallout series starring Walton Goggins (Vice Principals) other cast members announced alongside MachLachlan include Xelia Mendes-Jones (Sans Comic) and Aaron Moten.(Disjointed). No details have been released about anybody’s character yet, but when it comes to the Fallout series, it’s really the world that comes to life—literally.

While we’ve had post-apocalyptic stories before like with Mad Max, Fallout has a very unique twist to the genre in that it brings us a retro-futuristic wasteland that really leans in on the optimism of the 50s paired with the fear of nuclear war that was brought along by the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In Fallout, players take control of ‘Vault-dwellers’ who are citizens who survive the bombings by hiding into these complicated vaults. The catch is, each vault has their own means of governing itself, and you run into multiple different factions that have survived—each with their own unique pros and cons. Sometimes factions survive through cold and fascistic rule, others survive via mutations received from radiation; it’s a real social experiment of a game.

We have no idea what story the Fallout series will want to tell, but as long as it keeps true to the colourful lore, I’m sure it will do fine.

No release date has been set for Amazon’s Fallout series.

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