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Even though Outriders is still in its early stages, this preposterous RPG shoot and loot game has impressed many action RPG fans.

How to Crossplay in Outriders

Nevertheless, it is easy to see why that would be the case. The demo that the developers had released was enough for many to conclude that this game is well put together. This shoot and loot game thrives on premade parties with its own class system.

Granted, most of the classes are DPS-focused, but the experience you get from playing the game with your friends is unparalleled compared to the usual single-player campaign.

Outriders: How to Crossplay

Even though that’s the case, many premade parties’ players aren’t on the same platform. We see more and more focus on crossplay these days, and thankfully, there is crossplay in Outriders as well.

The biggest issue players are facing now is actually turning on this feature. It is relatively hidden, and of course, it isn’t enabled by default.

However, we have managed to find this setting, and will show you how you can crossplay with your buddies in Outriders:

  1. Open up your character menu.
  2. From there, open your settings menu, by clicking the left d-pad.
  3. There will be many different in-game settings here, but the one you’re looking for – “Enable Crossplay” is at the bottom of the screen.

After that, you are ready to play with players from other platforms as well. Still, every player that is planning to play crossplay must do the same thing, i.e. enable crossplay in their game.

When crossplay is enabled, there will be a “Play With Friends” button available in the lobby. One should generate a code with which everybody can join. That is done by clicking “Generate Your Game Code”.

Next, after all of the players have acquired the code, then can join the lobby using that. More specifically, one must type in the code at the “Join a Game Using Code” input field in the game.

It is good that Square Unix and People Can Fly have thought about enabling crossplay for the demo, so that the players can enjoy and experience the full potential of Outriders.

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